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Question on euro/mastercard

I just booked the Hotel Saint-Louis en L'Isle in Paris and noticed they accept euro/mastercard. My mastercard does not have euro on my card. Has anyone had a problem having their mastercards accepted when there isn't euro written on the card? I did send a message to the hotel inquiring about my question. I don't have a Visa card and really do not want to open another credit card but will if necessary.

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The hotel website states -

"The hotel accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club
cards, Travelers checks, Bank debit cards and cash."

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Thanks for your reply. When I booked it only said euro/mastercard. Silly little question but thought I'd ask.

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I am guessing that if you pay cash, they don't want dollars or pounds, but would prefer to be paid in euro.

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There is an EuroCard. if that was the meaning. Americans don't have it, only the Germans do. It's their credit card. I was in Dresden in 2009, was getting to pay at the HI hostel. The clerk was seeing that I was getting the Visa or Mastercard out of the wallet and said to me, "we only accept the EuroCard, " which I knew only Germans had that. So, I paid cash.

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Eurocard is essentially today's Mastercard.

Eurocard was a credit card, introduced in 1964 by a Swedish banker in
the Wallenberg family as an alternative to American Express.[1] In
1968 it signed a deal with the Interbank Card Association (today's
MasterCard) so that their cards were accepted by each other's networks
and this eventually led to a joint venture known as Maestro
International in 1992 and merger in 2002. Its operations were
relocated to Belgium in the late 1960s and the card became the
dominant brand in North and Central Europe between 1970 and 2002. It
was eventually replaced by the Mastercard brand in most locations, but
its logo is still used in some countries.

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It is simply an old branding of Mastercard in Europe. Have used US Mastercard and Visa cards in Europe for years with no problems.

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At the Dresden HI hostel in 2009, the guy told me only EuroCard is accepted by them, not Mastercard or Visa. He made a distinction. Np problems using in Mastercard or Visa in Germany or Europe for me either as long as they don't specifically say "EuroCard."

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I am/was aware that EuroCard and Mastercard are one and the same but if you are told only the EuroCard is accepted (eg, at that HI hostel), you're still out of luck.