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Online currency purchase - Danish kroner

Does anyone know of a decent site to purchase Danish kroner online? I do not have a local source. Thank you.

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If you have an account with a major bank, e.g. Wells Fargo:

Choose the foreign currency you wish to purchase, by country. You
can choose to buy 1 or more types of currency. Enter the desired
amount in US dollars or in the foreign currency. The amounts you enter
will round to the smallest denomination we have available.


We can only ship currency orders to the address associated with your
account. All currencies in your order will be sent in single shipment:

Orders over $1,000 ship for free. We don’t ship currency orders to
P.O. boxes. Someone must be available to sign for your package.

But all that said, I just used an ATM at the Copenhagen CPH airport on arrive. Note: I withdrew 3000 DKK and the ATM delivered three bills. Not a problem "breaking" the 1000 DKK not at the train station ticket counter.

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Denmark is virtually a cash less society, so there is little need to go through the hassle of obtaining kroner. I pay with card for practically anything and hardly ever have cash on me. If you want to have a little cash, just use an bank owned ATM at Copenhagen Airport.

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In Bergen, Norway, a credit card was required to use the rest room near the T.I.! We had no problem using ATM's in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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Remember: all taxis in Copenhagen airport accept all major credit cards, so you don't need cash when you land.

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Thank you to all who responded. My sister is going to Denmark this summer and I thought I'd get her some kroner to take for her birthday but it sounds like she won't need any (or much).