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Visiting Milan Italy? MilanoCard was worth getting ...

Visiting Milan Italy? We found the MilanoCard was worth getting.

Carol read about it on the train from Zermatt to Milan so ordered it online.

The downside? As hard as I tried I couldn't find a map to see where to pick up the card in Milan Central Station - they only had a video! After several false starts I finally found the correct place to pick up the card.

So ... look into getting the card ... and definitely figure out where to pick it up before you get to the train station (or airport)

Ira Serkes

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So, where did you pick it up?

Thanks for the tip. I thought my hotel reservation came with a Milano Card, but I can't find documentation of that. Must have been a hotel I decided against.

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We came in by train so picked it up at the train station. I wandered around and found an Agenzie365 .. who then told me that I had to go to a different Agenzie365 to pick up the card.

I just sent a tweet to Milano Card to ask them include a map as well as the video - I can read maps in an instant and videos were much less useful. I was definitely not find easy the office ... to me.

Here are the instructions they sent with my order.


INFO ABOUT YOUR DELIVERY: Agenzie365 - Galleria delle Carrozze
(west wing of Milan Central Station)

Find below tutorial video to find easy the office.

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I wanted to see the Milano Cathedral at twilight so opted for the Highline atop the Galleria. It was free with the Milano Card and I liked it from a photography standpoint but if I had to only do one event, I'd do the roof of the Duomo.

Scathing reviews on Tripadvisor from people who paid for the Highline Galleria.

I was happy because I got some interesting photos at twilight. The photos from the Highline start at photo 21, followed by fisheye photos I took inside the Galleria.