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Travel Insurance question of a different sort...

Hi All,

My niece will be traveling to Mexico in October and living there for approximately 6 months while working/doing missionary work. Does anyone know if she buys travel insurance, does this work if she is living there, rather than traveling? I was going to refer her to, but I don't know if this would qualify? If not, does anyone here know of insurance companies that do this (at a reasonable price - she is on a very limited budget).

Thanks as always!

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Assuming your niece is only looking for medical and emergency evacuation coverage, check out GeoBlue. The plans are offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield for international travelers. If your niece is a student she might also qualify for a GeoBlue student plan, although that may only be for study abroad.

Katheryne in Chattanooga

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Most agencies require short term workers to have insurance and have a provider that they use. She should contact the missions agency she will be working with directly.

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No. Travel insurance is meant for relatively short term travel covering emergency care, evacuation, etc. It is not a substitute for health insurance for temporary residents and if she prices a six month travel insurance policy she will get major sticker shock. Best she reach out to a trusted insurance agent who may be able to find her coverage.

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I am with Carol in suggesting she contact the sponsoring agency. It is unlikely your niece is the 1st to do this so would expect the agency has already 'invented that wheel'.

Is she able to contact someone who has been or is in the program and find out what they did?