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Amazon chase card

For those of you have this card or looking. I got a pleasant surprise today in the chip and pin cards and I didn't even have to request them. Perfect timing for my trip later this summer. Just wanted to pass it along if you are looking for a free chip and pin card with a crazy amount of Amazon prime benefits.

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Are you sure it's an actual chip and PIN card, or chip and signature?

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Well I take it back. After reading the fine print its a chip and signature card only. They say it will work in nearly all situations minus unmanned kiosks that have not been set up properly. Guess I will be pulling cash out every couple days after all :(

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A plus for the Amazon Visa card - you get 3 points (3%) on all purchases via Amazon, 2% for all restaurant purchases, 1 % on everything else. But - - the points can't be redeemed for cash, you apply them to your Amazon orders. And, they have the 3% foreign transaction fee, so even if a restaurant meal in Europe correctly codes and earns 2%, it's still minus 1% net.