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Free Lodging Anywhere in the World

The National News tonight had a segment on:

You just have to petsit cats and dogs and other pets in the house. There are opportunities to care for larger animals too, like out in the country. The lodging is free.

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Honestly, I would rather rely on personal recommendations for someone to care for our home and our dog. We have done very well with that.

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We have hired housesitters (though not from that site) before and it has worked out very well.

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This sounds like a good concept but my concern would be what quality of care are the pets receiving?
The news article made it sound like it's mostly about the free lodging and not about the care for the animals.
I would want to have lots of recommendations to rely on someone to be in my home and especially for the care
of my doggies. There is a real niche out there for pet sitters, hard to find good ones that are also affordable.

Hopefully this will work out to help some travelers. :0)

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It is not FREE!! You have to Pay to use that website, and it isn't that cheap! There is no guarantee that you will get any housesitting jobs so it can be pricey to sign up and not have a housesitting opportunity.

I have tried using as a work/housing exchange, and I have found it to be very unsuccessful. In over a year I have only had one "job". 90% of the emails I send inquiring about needing workers never respond. It has been a waste of money. I wouldn't recommend them.