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Discover credit card - in Rome

does anyone know if shops and restaurants accept the Discover brand credit card?

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I have rarely seen a Discover credit card option. The most widely used is a Visa credit card. MAKE SURE IT HAS NO INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTION FEES. Not all Visa credit cards are the same in regards to international fees.

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simple answer --- no, no, no. Now, at one time a place that would accept the Dinner Card would accept the Discover card. Mostly high end places. The issue is the NETWORK they use for processing. The PLUS (VISA) and CIRRUS (Mastercard) networks are the two most common networks available. So stick with one or both of these cards.

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Most places outside the US do not, never have, and probably never will accept Discover, no matter what Discover might tell you.

Bring a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Not a Pre Paid card! Those will not work outside the US. And not a Travel funds card like you can get from AAA unless you like paying fees.

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I have never been able to use my Discover card out of the U.S. I just leave it at home if I am travelling internationally. My "go to" card while traveling is my Costco Citi Visa card....not only are there no foreign transaction fees on purchases, they also give a small kickback (I think 3%) on hotels.

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Walking around Rome, I saw some store windows displaying stickers advertising acceptance of only Visa and Mastercard. Not sure about all of Rome, but in and around the city center displayed these. I didn't notice about restaurants.

Sounds like you don't have a Visa or MC or whatever it may be. If so, is there time for you to apply for one? Applied online would get you a quick answer. Capital One is popular. There is Citi Bank and Chase. Depening on the type of card, you could accrue Foreign Transaction Fees.

If you don't want to apply for a new credit card, would you consider a "travel" bank debit card that can be used as a credit card? You could put money into that account for your travels -- tickets, restaurants, etc. without compromising other bank/debit cards you may have or bring. Depending on the bank though, you may accrue additional charges.

Even if a credit card has no FTF, you'll still be charged the euro exchange rate at time of transaction.

Also, are you familiar with not accepting the Dynamic Currency? "DCC" -- just decline on machines or at ATM's and press Euro.

Oh, (to add) if you use a debit card at a bank-owned ATM in Rome, you may get charged a fee or % from your bank. If you have time, maybe you can research it.