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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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VBCE currency exchange in Vancouver.
funpig 2
Budget for a Week in London?
Gabby 4
thought I had everything settled
Gail 26
Amazon chase card
garrisonju 3
Museum passes, etc. ahead of time?
garthterry 6
Travel advice?
Gary-Lee 10
Rick Steves Audio Europe
geochuck 4
Credit Cards
george 19
Credit cards - in Euros or dollars
gmhughes 8
Free Lodging Anywhere in the World
Gobbledygook 4
Lavender Oil keeps Mosquitos Away
Gobbledygook 1
Chase Card Points for Travel Worth It?
gogregorygo 17
Saving $$$ - 1
gone 6
Travel Insurance question of a different sort...
Gretchen 4
Online currency purchase - Danish kroner
Grier 5
Series One Euro Banknote Still Valid?
Grier 4
Bring Euros or use the ATM? The math seems to say bring them.
gulfside 47
Question on euro/mastercard
highlanderct 10
Travel Insurance
highlanderct 5
Travel Insurance
hikemike 22
What bank should I create an account with and get credit cards with for Europe trip?
hockmasm 11
swipe and pin debit card
horsewoofie 6
Credit Card feedback please
horsewoofie 7
Global greeter network
horsewoofie 16
travel insurance reminders from Forbes article
horsewoofie 11
Apple Pay
horsewoofie 29
trip insurance -- comprehensive vs medical/evac only
horsewoofie 13
RS Travel Store sale items this week
horsewoofie 3
Long Term Medical Insurance - United Healthcare
Ikw 1
Car rental (almost) last minute?
ilona 9
Visiting Milan Italy? MilanoCard was worth getting ...
Ira Serkes 4
travel insurance
isaacsjulia 6
Best way to exchange leftover Euros to Dollars
Italywalker 12
Hotel plus flight on Expedia -- any tips?
Jackie 18
Schwab ATM/debit card
jajomax 39
Looking for another low fee ATM card as a back up card
jajomax 11
First time back in Europe in over 30 years
jamescoste 13
I noticed that I find myself overly rationalizing travel costs
James E. 17
Favourite Splurges and savings
jayhamps 36
atm card
jayreycat 13
Paris museum pass versus Paris combo pass?
jbeugnot 2
Lesson learned for detailed paper or photo document trail
Jean 15
Samantha Brown’s Top Travel Tips - do they remind you of special times, too?
Jean 24
Where to go for our first time to Eurpoe
jeanine_frias 22
Where to go for our first time to Europe Part 2
jeanine_frias 2
Did you know you can deposit foreign bill currency into your ATM?
Jean-Paul 11
Shopping in Rothenburg
Jeff 10
Has anyone used Groupon for a vacation to Europe?
jeffe26 9
Refundable fares or travel insurance?
jeffspc88mx 21
Vatican online reservations
jehalley 3