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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Best time to book tickets for May/June travel to Greece
donitaofoldfield 6
Using the Paris Museum Pass
donna 10
What's stopping you from traveling more?
donotmisslist2 23
Prepaid credit cards
Dorothea 14
Saving money vs saving time vs convenience
douglas 66
Coins for Public Restrooms in Europe (Budapest, Austria, Germany)
dpalmier53 14
Hungary, Euros or Forint?
dpalmier53 5
Forints, Euros, ATMs, oh my
dpalmier53 9
Medical and evacuation insurance
dpiercejr63 4
Help! US debit card in UK problems
dremr58 20
Hi I m gonna travel in Europe.
dr.manasigite 11
Capital One ATM cards
Dutch 25
AAA Visa Travel Money Card / MC Cash Passport Card
eakthomas 15
Tradational ATM cards vs. Debit Cards
ed_peterson 15
Common question...different spin
effsolns 23
7 day budget to Rome
egomez273 4
Saving Money and Time in Florence
elgwise1 6
Exchange Cash vs Using Cards
Ellie 28
$20k budget for 3-4 months in Europe
Enryu 20
Deals on flights to Europe in June and July
e_priest 16
Notifying your bank
erectoch3 38
Extra change?
erectoch3 22
Can I pay in local currency for flights?
ericalynn012 17
Use British Pounds in Switzerland or Germany?
Erin 15
Which is cheaper? Nice or Barcelona?
erinscheetz446 4
$200. difference in same flights, need advise from someone who know Newark.
erob1224 11
70 year old female traveling solo concerns re ATM's for cash
erob1224 48
Great ATM Card for International Travel (and more)
etbranch 2
Daily Budget Question
FattyMcCupcakes 16
Is Gold Crown Travel legit or scam?
felicia 5
Dynamic currency conversion-what's the real story?
fishr 18
Advance ticket purchase Barcelona
fjb 4
Existing Condition Travel Insurance Issue
foubya 5
ATM/Debit Cards with no foreign transaction fees?
Frank 5
Scotland is cheaper
Frank II 13
money in Prague / Cesky
franktownfamily 2
Cheapest time to purchase airfare to London from New York, back from Paris
frederickkillion 11
Discover credit card - in Rome
fredzappa1 9
Dublin pass
fresh salmon 0
Airfare to Europe from LAX
frister4 11
VBCE currency exchange in Vancouver.
funpig 2 currency exchange during booking and payment.
funpig 3
Budget for a Week in London?
Gabby 4
thought I had everything settled
Gail 26
Amazon chase card
garrisonju 3
Museum passes, etc. ahead of time?
garthterry 6
Travel advice?
Gary-Lee 10
Rick Steves Audio Europe
geochuck 4
Credit Cards
george 19
Credit cards - in Euros or dollars
gmhughes 8