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7 day budget to Rome

I am taking a trip to Rome in November with my mom and daughter. I want to get an idea of how much I should budget for food and tours. Air and hotel is covered and taken care of, any advice you guys can give will be greatly-appreciated. This is our first trip to Italy and I want to make sure we budget appropriately. We are not big spenders, cheap eats are totally welcomed. We will plan on a nice dinner just one night before heading back home.

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First, I would refer you to the Rick Steves guidebooks, which will give you good estimates for all meals. That said, food should be easy to figure out, provided your hotel includes breakfast and you snack or buy picnic food at a supermarket. Dinners at inexpensive restaurants will be around 30 Euros if you eat simply and don't order too many courses. What is difficult for others to estimate for you is the cost of tours. You need to be specific as to what tours you want to take, as there are many of various types. Again, I would urge you to buy a RS guide. He has a specific Rome guide which is very good.

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Gd advice to ck guidebk. Est are difficult espec with multiple people.
Breakfast is usually included with hotels. Deli, hot buffet bar style restaurants are agd bet for well priced , tasty fd in Rome.

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We've found that we've got a certain amount of money we're going to spend even staying at home. If your room's paid for in Italy, you shouldn't spend appreciably that more when traveling. The value of the Euro's down and street food's readily accessible in Rome.

My wife and I are relatively frugal in our day to day living. And we travel that way--without trying to follow a budget. We charge just about everything we can while in Europe--and deal with the Visa bill upon our return. Most people probably travel the same way.

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I was in Rome and Naples for 11 days from 03/25 - 4/04. I allocated 70Euros per day for my food, entertainment, sights and souvenirs. Each day I would put 70Euros in cash in my cross-body bag and go out for the day and about half the time, I came back to the hotel with 20 or 30Euros. I ate in neighborhood (not expensive) restaurants and never went hungry. The food was fantastic. Breakfast was always at the hotel.
Bottom line: even in Rome, you can eat very well on a budget!

Judy B