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Great ATM Card for International Travel (and more)

I like to keep a secondary checking account with enough money in it to pull from when I am traveling, but separate from my main finances in the event my account or card were compromised while I am traveling. So I went looking for an ATM card that charges no fees and does not have any international conversion fee.

Fortunately, I found exactly what I was looking for in a Charles Schwab checking account. We just came back from 3 weeks in France, and it worked great. I checked my withdrawals, and they were exactly what I expected at the normal conversion rate. And the few times I have called in with questions, etc, their customer service folks have been absolutely wonderful.

For those who want more than a back up account, this checking account is linked to a brokerage account that allows easy transfer of funds.

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In addition, any fee charged by a network is rebated and if two persons are on the checking account and one card is compromised, the other card remain secure and valid.

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Cards now being issued with chips in addition to magnetic strips. The guy at Schwab Bank said this would work at unattended sites like gas stations.