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Temporary Mobile Phone Chips in France and Switzerland

Hello. Does anyone know if we can purchase mobile phone chips in France/Switzerland for temporary mobile phone useage, without a contract, for use while we are traveling? I wonder if we can get a temporary chip to insert into our Apple phones in order to avoid high roaming charges to our AT&T plan. Thanks.

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If your phone is unlocked it is easy. We have Swisscom SIMs now and it is not expensive. However, you will want to get a separate SIM in France as Swisscom roaming charges are high.

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have you considered Google Fi service? It enables data service for many countries, including all EU member states and Switzerland. You can get one SIM and use it for you future trips. This charges per usage and you can freeze service at any time you want.

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Many thanks for the suggestion Barkinpark. I'm looking into the Google Fi now. Seems like a good option.

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We buy a SIM card for one of our
iphones every time to go to Europe. East and helpful. We get an international plan for the other phone for emergencies where we would need to call US which has happened several times.