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Best time to book tickets for May/June travel to Greece

What’s the best time to book tickets to Greece for May/June travel? US to Athens

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Whenever you see a schedule and price that fits your budget.

When there is a good price from LA, the price from Miami may be awful. "US to Athens" provides little useful information

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The best way to get as good a deal on flights as possible is to check fares every day. You'll quickly see the "normal" range and will know if something unusually good comes along. There is no "best time" to buy, but shortly before your departure date is probably the worst time.

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Define "best." Nothing wrong with booking right now, if you don't care about any of the details.

But if you do care about the details, then no time is good until you have invested the time necessary to:

  1. Watch prices (every day) for a while to get a sense of the range within which they fluctuate. You won't know if you're getting a great deal or a horrible one until you get a sense for this.

  2. Figure out what trade-offs you're willing to make. Do you care only about the lowest possible price? To the exclusion of any other factor? Would you sit in a middle seat in a non-reclining row, next to an overflowing toilet, on a bad airline, where the seats are painfully cramped, with 3 stops and 20-hour layovers....all to save $20? I sure wouldn't (I wouldn't take that ticket if it was free or even if the airline paid me...) but some folks would. You need to decide what's important.

There's no magic secret formula. You gotta put in some effort to get what you want (or at least what you can accept). Once you book, don't look back, move on to more detailed trip planning.

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We bought them after the first of the year for our May/June travel. They had been cheaper earlier but took that long for us to settle on what we were doing. I actually found the cheapest fares in July for the following May/June but did not buy. But those were 7 am flights out of Athens and can't say I would have enjoyed that.

So I would say like others, look now. Decide what trade offs you are willing to make. In the end, I wanted early arrival from U.S. so we could fly the same day to Santorini which left about three routes and then did not want early am return. And only one connection. That left very few choices but I cared more about the logistics than price.

My three young adult children made different choices. They flew out of Atlanta on Turkish Air for hundreds less than we did. For some reason, Turkish Air was cheaper out of Atlanta than Miami. My husband also was not keen on flying through Istanbul.

Perfection is hard to find in air travel.


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Not sure when your trip is but Emirates has a 4 day sale and flights from EWR to ATH NonStop.

Your outbound must begin 5/14/19 or earlier but you can return up to 6/30/19.

I just did a dummy fare with OB 5/14 and Return 6/3 - $769 PP economy

I did another with OB 5/16 Return 6/3 and it jumped to $1563 PP.

Great deal for those traveling in May or earlier.

Similar discounted fares and T&C for JFK-MXP .

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I can never say with any certainty when is the best time to buy an airplane ticket. All I know is that the worse time is when the last available ticket has been sold.