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Using the Paris Museum Pass

If you buy the Paris Museum Pass, how do you get an entry time assigned for places like the Louvre?

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You don't need an assigned entry time unless you are a large tour group. The Paris Museum Pass allows you to skip ticket-buying lines and perhaps even cut toward the front of security lines to enter.

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The PMP definitely does not allow you to avoid the security line at the Louvre. Of the other two central museums with lengthy security lines, it allows you to join a separate security line at the Orangerie (although it's often just as long as the line for people without passes) and the Orsay (although that one is very badly signposted).

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I think that sometimes (when it's most crowded?) there is a separate security line at the Pyramid entrance for ticket/pass holders. Best to use the Carousel entrance. The Richlieu entrance is usually restricted to members and groups.

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At the Orsay, ignore the outside line and walk to the far side of the building. There is a separate entrance there for pass holders.

Another type of pass covers only the Orsay and Rodin museums at a small saving. Get your pass when you visit Rodin, then use it at the special entrance to the Orsay. I think this pass is good for a couple of days, so you don't have to visit both museums the same day. The distance between them is walkable, maybe a mile.

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At the Orsay, it's the far right-hand side of the building if you are facing the building head-on with the river on your left.

You're looking for signs that say visiteurs "MUNIS DES BILLETS"

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We always get museum passes on every annual trip to Paris. There are a host of museums, lesser known and less visited, that are quite interesting, many have snack bars, and all of them have toilets. Once you buy the pass, look at the long list of museums that are covered. One near the Eiffel Tower is the Maritime Museum with all manner of early ships and boats. At the other end of the city is the Arab Institute, great rooftop cafe, and many historical artifacts from the Muslim world, worth a trip.

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Just returned from Paris and bought and used the 4 day museum pass. Louvre no different security line; the on line tickets had priority. Versailles no advantage either. Picasso there was a separate Paris Museum Pass line but the on-line went first then us. Orsay no line to get in. Muse de l'Orangerie no line. Eiffel Tower not covered with the pass at 8pm one hour security , on line just walked in. I'm not sure what timeframe they have for you dates on line but if you can get on line do it.

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Hi Donna,

I think the Paris Museum Pass is a great deal. The best part is that you can pop into museums that you might not otherwise visit due to the price, time, etc. If I pay the regular admission price, I feel obligated to stay for a while. If the museum is included in the Pass, I can drop in for an hour, use the restroom, get a snack, and keep moving.

I've been to the Louvre several times but it's amazing so it's always on my itinerary. We were there last year (May) and in the middle of the afternoon there were a couple hundred people in line at the pyramid entrance. I learned about the Richlieu entrance on this site so we headed over there first. No line, zero people, they were just waiting for us to come in! It worked out very well.

As mentioned, with the Pass you still need to go through Security. I always show it and it sometimes moves us to the front of the line. Great deal.

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I know this is a long time ago, but in 06 we bought the museum pass down the street from Versailles. It was hot as _____that day and the line to get in was very longgggggggg. I believe I read on Rick Steves 10 years ago, that there was a special line for pass holders and we did use the line. However, maybe it has changed since 06.

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One of the benefits of having a Museum Pass is that you can stop in any museum that is covered by the pass and use their restrooms for free.