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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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The books we carry, boiled down to the essence
zagfam 18
Best Travel Books & Maps
WhateverLA 0
$5 Books are awesome! Get yours now!
wbfey1 17
Ways to Indulge Your Travel Wanderlust at Home
Wanderlust58 0
Rick Steves' kindle books
twilightrabbit 15
Are there any books for Teens traveling alone in Europe?
turkeyfeathers32 18
Pompeii/ Naples
tjreagan15 0
Whither Rick Steves Digital Editions
Ted Bassman 5
Rick Steves Travel Guides: Kindle vs. Rick Steves Digital Library
tecsi 6
Art and history book recommendations
Tamara 11
Endorsement of Agony and the Ecstasy
sue 4
Dorothy Dunnett!
Stewart&Vicki 9
A BBC Jewel
steven 0
Alaskan Travel
spd1961 8
Skip 1
Vanilla Beans & Brodo - Real Life in the Hills of Tuscany by Isabella Dusi
Sherry 0
"Stealing Beauty" - wonderful movie about being young in Italy (1996, starring lovely...
Shelley 0
Footloose in Europe
selkie 2
Rick's list of books that formed his philosophy
scott.d.warner 3
Ricks "Best of" Guidebooks
Sasha 4
Learning Italian
Sarah C 6
Pocket guides vs Map vs App
Sara 11
Mark Twain's "A Tramp Abroad"
Sam 3
The Impressionists
rwilliag 9
Movies/TV shows when learning Spanish
rowlandinho77 8
If you plan to visit Matera . . .
Rosalyn 4
movie In Her Name, hits close to home
rob in cal 0
Enjoying Turkish TV shows
rob in cal 2
European tv show streaming service has a Memorial day sale
rob in cal 5
Things Can Only Get Feta, by Marjory McGinn
rhinman08 3
Ken Burns Documentary "Hemingway" on PBS
Rebecca 37
Sunday, May 2, on PBS @ 3:30 Central Time: Canvasing the World; Paris, With Sean Diediker
Rebecca 2
Tonight on PBS: "Secrets of The Dead; King Arthur's Lost Kingdom" at 9 PM
Rebecca 35
Anne of the Thousand Days, Turner Classic Movies; 7 PM Central time USA
Rebecca 20
Amsterdam by Russell Shorto
razorclams 0
Radio Swiss stations
Rachel 1
Line of Separation (Tannbach) / Book recommendations on Germany at end of WWII
Rachel 13
Magnificent music and scenery!
Priscilla 2
Rick’s France Guide Book…2022 version?
pmattdillon 5
Book set in Tuscany: Women in Sunlight
pmalbritton 5
A different kind of Rick Steves
phred 12
Concise and readable British history books?
PerilsofP 7
Good sources for world maps
paulypro 7
Brief European History Book on CD
pamgreen11 2
Scotland books….which ones do you recommend?
Pamela 7
On your way to Vienna
pam 2
UK Television - Blitz, London's Firestorm
Nigel 6
4 year old Paris book vs 2017 Paris book
nicole 14
"If This Is A Woman" by Sarah Helm
Ms. Jo 5
Guidebooks of Italy
Moyra 5