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The Impressionists

Just wanted to share a great BBC 2-DVD series (I got from my local library) called "The Impressionists". Wonderfully-done movie based on fact of Monet's life, as told from his perspective later in life. Not only was it entertaining, but I learned so much about Monet, his peers (Degas, Renoir, Bazille,Cezanne, Manet), and the whole art scene during his time. It will be great background for my upcoming RS tour of Loire Valley and South of France. It should be added to the recommended movie list.

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Thank you for this recommendation! It appears this is also available on Amazon Prime video. I will definitely add this to my watch list--I do love impressionism.

Edit: Sorry, it is not the same series--see Michael's post below.

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Many of the Impressionist paintings were done in and around Paris and never left the city, you can see them at the Orsay.

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It appears this is also available on Amazon Prime video

The title that appears on AP is a documentary series different from what the OP is talking about. But also very good.

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The Great Courses has a 12-hour video course

I have this course and it was wonderful to watch and a great help in preparation for my trip to Paris and all the great art museums there and Monet's home at Giverny of course. It was definitely worth the money and I have watched it more than once, highly recommend it. I'm a great fan of the impressionists and post-impressionists.

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Relevant travel tip for Monet fans: museum Barberini in Potsdam (Germany) will present the exhibition "Monet: Places" from February 29, 2020 to June 01, 2020.

Also worth to look for the previews of other exhibitions, e.g. Van Gogh.

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I got the three part BBC series (two discs) titled "The Impressionists" from the library recently. I wanted to say thank you for the recommendation, as I greatly enjoyed it. Now.... a question...... The painting that is used for the background of the introductions to episodes looks like an autumnal one of the bridge at Giverny. So far I'm having absolutely no luck figuring out its name, and I have to turn the video back in to the library. Would anyone happen to know the name of said painting? Thank you!

The counterpart to the exhibition MarkK posted about will be in Denver beginning October 21st.

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Donna and Denis, Sorry. I did not pay attention to the background on the cover of the BBC series, so I can't be any help there. But I am glad you enjoyed it. It thought it was fun, beautifully done, and educational.

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Per this thread, I got this BBC DVD The Impressionists from our library and we finished watching it tonight. Thanks so much for the recommendation, we greatly enjoyed it! We are signed up for Paris & HOF in April and it was great to find out more about some of my favorite painters.