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Learning Italian

Happy New Year - am traveling to Italy Oct 2015 - would like to learn to read basic Italian.
Does anyone have any recommendations? PS - I already have the RS Italian Phrase Book.

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A good app for the Ipad/Iphone is Duolingo. Free, fun and easy to use to learn basic Italian.

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Several recommendations: the "30 Days to Great Italian," book from Living Language is informative and entertaining; my copy is older, but there's a website (, I think) with newer offerings. For interpreting basic signs, notices, and menus the RS phrasebook or any good guidebook will be useful. I think it would be a good idea to get a bit of a grasp of the spoken language, as well. I like the Pimsleur language system, as well as "Italian with Michel Thomas". Both are on CDs. The Michel Thomas is particularly good for a quick overview of Italian. Pimsleur now has interactive web-based programs, but I just check out the discs from my local library (always a great place to start.) And of course, there's Rosetta Stone, but I haven't tried that myself. Oh, the Living Language book I mentioned above also comes with an audio CD, with entertaining and useful dialogues. We have found that even a smattering of Italian pays off, and the Italians are much more forgiving than we are of clumsy language attempts. It's worth the effort. Have fun, and Buon viaggio!

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Love Pimsleur - have been working on Italian I for months - I drive a two hour round trip to work and it's great. I have found it very easy to learn - Thanks for the information. Grazie Mille!!

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Check to see if there is a conversational Italian class in your city. I did that years ago for French, and it was amazing how fast I learned enough phrases to get by. You might also take a class at a local community college if one near you offers the language. Another time I bought a CD series on Amazon that I listened to in my car while I drove to work and back. The Italian I learned wasn't much, but gave me confidence. The romance languages are similar and Spanish is spoken where I live in California, so I picked up enough Italian to order food, ask directions and be polite!