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I haven't been to Budapest yet. The reason I'm going in 2014 is Kati Marton's two books, Enemies of the People and The Great Escape. Enemies of the People is her family's personal story of persecution under the pre-1956 Communist regieme. What an insidious system they had. The Great Escape tells the stories of nine Hungarians (4 physicists, 2 photographers, 2 cinema directors, and a writer) who left Hungary in the 1920s-1930s, and who prospered and contributed in western Europe and the US, but were unable to make their contributions in pre-WWII Hungary and Germany. They did not make their greatest contributions in Budapest, but they were all from there.

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See my "Gloomy Sunday" film description in preparation for the Budapest which seems to interest you. It's been close to 10 yrs since my last of 3 visits, but let me know if you would like info re some other eclectic Budapest experiences.