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If you have a smart TV check out Tubi, a free streaming app ( with commercials, but doesn’t seem as bad as cable). I have discovered so many travel shows and I’m just so excited I had to share. Idaho, Ireland, Nepal, you name it, there is a travel show on it. Search by categories under Travel and Travel documentarys. I now will have hours and hours of virtual travel!

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Thanks, Tammy! My grandson (age 4) watches stuff on Tubi so I tend to associate it with kids' shows, but now I will look for those!

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Tubi also has a lot of interesting movies, some of them foreign.

Pluto's worth checking out as well.

I think More4 isn't available in the US unless you use a VPN or something like that. (But I'm not a techie.)

The Passport streaming service available for a modest contribution to local PBS stations has quite a few Walter Presents series. Another good source for foreign content (but with a monthly fee) is MHz.