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Movies/TV shows when learning Spanish

I used the following when I was learning Spanish in South America - the fact that they are enjoyable makes learning a lot easier and more fun

TV Shows - Netflix
Club de Cuervos - very funny
Patron del mal

Motorcycle Diaries
Nosotros los Nobles
Relatos Salvajes

Feel free to add some more!


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Public TV (in the U.S.) used to run a series "Destinos" which was a telenovela-style story for people learning Spanish.

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Anyone who still gets movies on DVD from your local public library can just check the alternate soundtracks and alternate subtitles to get great practice in Spanish -- all your favorites have it!

For Catalan and Castellano, don't forget "Biutiful" with Javier Bardem.

You can also watch the news and sports on Telemundo to get more perspective, not just the telenovelas and variety shows.

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For Spain, I like the Spanish in the films by Pedro Almodovar, particularly Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, All About My Mother, and Volver. Of course, the accent and vocabulary are very different in each place where Spanish is spoken, so I wouldn't use these for Latin America.

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You could actually try to find any movies translated into Spanish in streaming. In the majority of cases the ones you can find online are for the Latin America market, normally done by Mexico. Sometimes there are versions done in Spain, normally they are labelled as SP.
Reading local newspapers online like El Pais, El Mundo and Vanguardia (for Spain) also helps! The difference of the LA version and SP version is not that huge actually.

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When my husband was learning Spanish he liked the TV news because often there was a photo showing what was being talked about. Also, the newscasters generally spoke very clearly.

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Great post. This is what I was searching for right now!
I've been doing some Spanish lessons online myself and found that the best way to advance is by watching films & shows in Spanish or by listening to music... I loved Narcos by the way ;)

Let me suggest the following:

"Isabel", "El Tiempo Entre Costuras", "Águila Roja" (intermediate level preferably... )

I've read that "Extra" is a series created specifically to teach Spanish (similar to the American TV series "Friends.") but haven't given it a try yet. You could also check out "Destinos".