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Share what happened on your trip with our travel community! Discuss your most memorable experiences from your recent European vacation. Join the conversation and learn from others' travels by asking these travelers about their trip.

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Throwback Trip Report: Best of Florence 2009
Jane 25
letter from rental car company
mstcare 21
Binax web site needs to be downloaded in US before leaving for your trip.
Barbara 25
Spain, the Ideal (for us) Pandemic Trip
Carroll 26
The Christmas Market Trip that Diverted to Italy
Ruth 26
A great find in Budapest Hungary
Nancy 25
A 2 week wander: Brighton, Winchester, and Oxford
TexasTravelmom 26
June 2022 Village Italy trip report (better late than …)
Felicia aka... 26
Scotland: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
BigMikeWestBy... 26
France - Travel Update
Arvind 27
Kindness From Europeans
photobykenna 27
Vapor cigarettes-ban use when with tour group?
BostonBria 26
Safe to travel to Budapest and Prague
Laura 27
2.5 Week Trip to Germany and Austria
Dave 27
Spain (Seville, Granada, Madrid) Trip Report - October 2016
Julie 27
American passport
horseman 25
Vienna the Second Time Around
christa 27
Met Rick in Lucerne!
Don 26
Trip Report for Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich
dpalmier53 27
Beautiful Siena...
Priscilla 27
Vacation planning
Libby 25
Trip report for 3 nights in Amsterdam
Tamara 26
Trip report for BPV tour as well as Budapest, Krakow and Lisbon
Tamara 27
Trip Report: Provencal Echo
gregglamarsh 26
Five Days in Bath
Dav 27
Trip Report-Most Memorable Moments
Allan 27
Iceland July, 2021 Trip Report: Before/During/After
vandrabrud 26
2 lovely weeks in Spain
DebVT 26
My Way Italy May 2022 + snippets
Patty 26
A Week in Mexico City
blue439 26
More 2022 German Christmas markets!
JoAnne 27
Around the World in 80 days
TexasTravelmom 26
Surprised by lack of crowds June 2023
travel4fun 27
Why isn’t everyone raving about Wales?
Carroll 26
Farewell Siena, Hello Orvieto!
Priscilla 28
Famous Travel Quotes
yosemite1 28
Two weeks in London and Wales
MaryC 26
Returning from Italy - fewer warm fuzzies
Amy 26
TRIP REPORT: Paris and Provence with Teens in April
acdesign 28
Part 1: Arrival and On to Switzerland!
Laurel 28
Iceland Ring Road, 11 days August 2021
mikliz97 28
Costa Rica Trip Report Part One
Mary 28
Two Weeks in Paris
vandrabrud 27
Dreams Really Do Come True: Pompeii and Other Wonderful Places in Italy
Carroll 28
Trip Report: Rome, Dec. 2022
Mary (roubrat) 27
Europe Adventure
donna.baker 29
Loved Rome. Can’t warm up to Florence
pollocktoni 29
Precautions when renting a villa in Europe
World traveler 29
Travel Misadventures in Germany: The Real Version
Dave 29
Barcelona has changed...
Carlos 27