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To the West


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What company for SIM card for GSM phone in Paris and Normandy
Doug 4
What city to use as base in Belgium for six-day stay?
Sandy 6
What city should I chose of four?
Eileen 10
What cities in Spain to visit for 3 week trip?
Cindy 3
What can you guys tell me about Grainau?
Nova 3
What can we take on the plane to Paris?
Veronica 14
What Can One See By Just Driving By Chambord Castle, France?
Jerry 6
what can I do in Nice in one day?
Gokhan 8
what can I do in MonteCarlo
Gokhan 10
What can I do in between Basel Switzerland and Milan Iitaly?
Stew 2
What can be done in 7 hours between flights in Berlin
Oliver 4
what book inspired a French food pilgrimage?
regina 1
what Arrondissement in Paris?
Viv 22
What are you supposed to do when the train arrives at 4 am?
Ruth 5
What are your must-see places and must-try restaurants in Paris?
Muriel 9
What are your favorite places to visit in France and Why?
Colleen 17
What are your favorite places in Spain?
Amara 8
What are we missing?
Christy 1
what are upcoming art expos in Paris?
regina 0
What are the most popular German TV shows? Are they viewable online?
Gary 8
what are the best recommendations
Claudia 5
What are suggestions for a phone?
What are must sees in southern France? Marselle?
Stew 1
What area to stay in, in Paris?
Eleanor 5
What area of Paris should we stay in?
Megan 15
What area is Le Crosets, Switzerland
Cheryl 4
What Area In Barcelona??
Andrea 9
What area do you think I should stay in Paris?
Stew 5
what and where to eat in Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague
Ana 6
What am I not getting about the currency exchange?
Angela 9
What Airline would you take to Paris/Rome?
Steve 20
What advice is given to 'foreigners' traveling to USA?
Donna 27
What about late May hiking in the BO this year?
Rich 12
What's your must-see or do in and around Lisbon?
Valerie 6
What's your favorite restaurant.
megan 3
What's to see/do between Seville, Spain and Faro, Portugal
Paul 1
What's the best way to get from CDG airport to Paris hotel?
Leslie 14
what's open in Versailles
Mary 0
What's missing in our month in France?
Mike 15
What's best driving rute Bordeaux to Dordogne?
suzan 1
what 2 do - btwn Salz/Paris in 1 week w/ fam
Dan'l 0
Whale Watching in Tarifa
Cindy 0
We will be in Paris when the Tour de France arrives? How do we see this?
Cecily 2
Westvleteren to be sold in stores...
Tom 3
West or East?
Charlie 7
Western Union
ann 3
Western Switzerland - private guide?
AB 0
Western route from Nice–coast or mountains?
Carol 0
Western Netherlands
Darwin 1
Western Germany river cruises
Neil 10