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What company for SIM card for GSM phone in Paris and Normandy

We'll be staying in Paris for a week and then traveling to Normandy. I tried a Mobiho sim card in 2010 for my phone and had account recharge problems (it worked OK until the credit was used up). Would anyone be able to recommend a company?

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I recently purchased a sim card from Orange on I purchased it with a 30 euro credit. Allegedly, unlimited internet is 7 or 9 euros for a month. I'm still about a week out from my month window so I haven't activated it yet. We return on April 10th, so I can tell you how it worked after that.

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Check out Lebara. It appeared after my last trip to France so I have no personal experience. It gets good buzz on Trip Advisor for low per minute charges. I used a Virgin prepaid sim which worked well. I recharged in a Phonehouse store.

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Doug, There are two choices you could consider..... 1.) Purchase a SIM card from one of the networks in France when you arrive in Paris. That will provide the cheapest rates, but will be on a PAYG plan so will have to be "topped up" when the "bucket of minutes" is depleted. Menus may be in French, so some help may be required to set-up the phone. 2.) Purchase a SIM card from one of the "travel phone" firms such as Cellular Abroad, Roam Simple, Call In Europe, Telestial or Mobal. These typically use a U.K.-based network, and provide consistent rates throughout western Europe. Billing is often on a post-paid basis, with calls charged to a credit card. With this option, you'd have a working phone as soon as you step off the plane. Good luck and happy travels!