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What can you guys tell me about Grainau?

I am thinking of staying 2 weeks out of four at Grainau Baveria and the other two at Trier. So can I get around using the train if I use these two locations as home base? Are these good locations? Can I access a river tour out of Trier? you probably know I'm on a small budget or have I chosen poorly ...again....Nova

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To read what others here have said about Grainau, go to Google Advanced Searchin the search within a site box enter ricksteves.comin the all these words box enter exactly helpline grainauYou'll get links to about 20 times that Grainau has been mentioned here in the last few years.

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I think Grainau, Bavaria and Trier are great places to go, if you want to see Grainau and Trier. As bases for other places, they are a little remote.

The scheduled K-D boats only go up the Mosel as far as Cochem, which is a ways from Trier, There is one trip up the Mosel from Koblenz in the morning and back in the afternoon, so you can't just go to Cochem and take the boat to Koblenz and back. But, the good news is that you can go to Cochem, then take the boat down to Koblenz and come back on the train to Trier. There are some other boat lines, but I am not sure where to find them.

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Grainau is a great location for a home base if you have a rental car. Spectacular scenery, and an easy driving distance to GaP, Schwangau, Linderhof, Oberammergau, Innsbruck, etc... but without a car, you may find yourself a little isolated. You'll have to walk or the take the rather expensive Zugspitzebahn to the train station in GaP if you want to travel around the region... and it's a long walk to the trainstation in GaP.