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What cities in Spain to visit for 3 week trip?

I am in the very beginning stages of planning a 3 week trip to Spain in the summer of 2012. We did a whirlwind trip of Europe in August and fell in love with Spain...we spent 3 days in Madrid, 1 1/2 days in Sevilla, and 2 days in Granada. We want to revisit those cities and spend more time specifically in Sevilla and Granada. We'd also like to add a day trip to Morocco and some time on the coast. I've looked at RS 3-week trip and am considering tweaking it to fit our desires...very interested in history, architecture, culture, food & wine. What cities do you consider 'must-sees'? What's your opinion on Barcelona, Valencia, Pamplona? We'd really like to limit one-night stays (actually would love none) and would prefer a minimum of three nights in each place. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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I took Rick's tour last spring and think it's a good structure to see the high points of central and southern Spain. Personally, I loved Barcelona and would go back in a heart beat. It is the least "Spanish" city, but the architecture was amazing. I also loved Arcos and the surrounding area. I'd suggest hiring a guide for Tangiers and consider staying overnight - a day trip would be too rushed, overnight gives you a completely different take on the place. Dar Nour guest house was amazing ( and had the best breakfast of my entire three week trip.

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Three weeks in Spain? I'm jealous. Barcelona was our favorite city. We spent three nights there and could've stayed a few more. Our original itinerary included Valencia until my next door neighbor (travel agent and very familiar with Spain) encouraged us to visit other cities. Coincidentally, RS skips Valencia and much of that Eastern-Southeastern section of the country in his book. Madrid is a great location to make day trips to surrounding towns like Avila, Segovia and Toledo. We liked Granada, but found two nights to be enough - one day for the Alhambra and one for the Albaycin/Granada center. We didn't visit Pamplona, but we intend to return to Spain and concentrate primarily on the whole northern swath of the country. I've heard only wonderful things of it.

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3 weeks will give you a wonderful visit. We just spent 7 days in Andalucia and 3 in Madrid (our second visit, the time with kids). Spent 2 nights in Tarifa @ the Alborada and did the day trip to Morocco with just the FRS guide. It was great for the kids, but exceedingly touristy. Tarifa is a nice town but 3 days might be too much there. We love Toledo, Sevilla, Segovia and Salamanca a lot. Have not been to Barcelona or the east. The coast is nice, but it's just a beach...