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What Can One See By Just Driving By Chambord Castle, France?

Since we will be touring Versailles, Chenonceau (& some other castles before & after)& Gardens of Villandry & looping thru the Loire countryside we are wondering if we just drive by Chambord, can we get glimpses of it, its grounds, etc.? Wondering how close we can get w/o taking the tour?

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Why yes you can! We just walked from the parking lot and semi-around it. Be advised the parking lot closes o/a 6 p.m. or at least that's what I recall. It's really quite a sight and I wish we'd had time to tour the interior (unfurnished as it is). I truly do not recall if it was paid parking but if it was it couldn't have been much as we only had 45 minutes to spend there.

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I agree. It's beautiful and worth stopping to walk the grounds. As long as you're in the neighborhood, I would swing by.

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Your question: "we are wondering if we just drive by Chambord, can we get glimpses of it, its grounds, etc?"If you literally meant driving by and not stopping to get out of your car, then the answer to your question is No. Because of trees and/or other obstructions, you're probably not going to see anything if you just drive by, the road you drive by is separated from the chateau by trees obstructing the view.As described by Marie, you can certainly see some of the exterior and grounds if you park, get out of the car, and walk a bit. You don't have to take the tour to see the exterior.

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We appreciate the Chambord-viewing ideas! That opportunity to view grounds & building from outside is what we were hoping for. Will definitely want to make a stop & take a look around.
Thank You!

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We were at Chambord in early May 2008. We took the tour and were glad of it, but if you choose not to you may also find and enjoy the small market place and shops/eateries off the parking area where you can toodle and glimpse before moving on. I don't recall much in the way of grounds at Chambord. Usse was a drive by for us, and you'll see several others as you loop the Loire that are fun to stare at, photograph and pass in favor of your most desired spots. I loved our 4 days there! Have a great time!

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You can all but walk into Chambord without buying a ticket, but like Kent stated, you have to at least leave your car in the parking lot to get a good view. And if time is tight and you had to choose a chateau just to view externally, this wouldn't be a bad one to pick. It does have some lavishly decorated rooms, but the majority of the chateau is pretty bare inside.