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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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RS digital files on a Mac
Jim 4
RS Audioguides
Barb 6
RS Audio Europe - Android version - parts of script are missing?
funpig 3
Route Planning Software
Doug 6
Rome Airport-Purchase a phone?
Vick Vega 11
Roaming in the EU--any extra charges for non-EU citizens?
T. 5
RIFD blockers - great info
Philip 5
Rick Steves guidebooks on Kindle Paperwhite?
Zurich2008 12
Rick Steves Audio Europe App
murrayhill5 3
Rick Steves Audio App Not Available?
Barbara G. 15
Rick's self guided tours
kris.albright62 3
Rick's Internet Gadget
RailRider 12
Rick's Audio Tours as MP3s?
claremc12 5
Rick's Audio Tours App for Windows Phone?
sue_jordan 1
Rick's Audio Europe App/Audio Tours
Ruth 2
RFID Wallets
nancyp 10
RFID sleeves
flsanford 28
RFID Sleeve
rsloyd 15
RFID secure bag
jameskharvey 6
RFID Pouch for Electronics
EWaverley 15
RFID card hack?
Lola 16
Mike Tipton 8
Reverse SIM card question
Kateja 4
Retrieving email while in Europe
Mary 4
retrieving flight confirmation number
fishes4you 2
Restaurant Decoder app for Europe-- Hold over menu to translate
kressmess5 3
Resetting password
Continental 2
Replacing the SIM Card
mrparboy 9
Replacing iphone 5 SIM Card Question
smijan4 9
Replace my Nikon d90 with Sony rx100 ?
bucephale 13
Rent pc/laptop for remote access?
psldda 10
Rent ITunes movies question?
Gretchen 8
Renting a portable WIFI in Greece
Mogget 3
Rental cars - with "cigarette lighter" power outlet or USB?
David 12
Rental car device chargers?
JoAnne 7
Reloading French Orange sim chip before leaving US
Anne-Frances 6
Reloadable SIM card for Italy
simontemplar 0
Reinstalling U.S. SIM card: Could not activate cellular data network
cubancoffee 8
Record radio on smartphone
cosmopolitan76 4
Recommended SIM card (company) for Spain + UK?
Lola 5
Recommendations for Irish SIM, for use throughout EU
kjones 0
Recommendations for cellphone power bank ?
Laura B 17
Recommendation for WebMaster
yosemite1 2
Recommendation for Portable USB charger (with 2 ports) for European trains
Continental 7
Recommendation for portable battery for IPhone5
Colette 8
Recommendation for a Switzerland adapter/converter with USB ports
Continental 27
Rec for a point-and-shoot compact with viewfinder for under $500
Lori 17
Recent SIM Experience
Paul 1
Receive USA calls while in France and Switzerland on a mobile?
Pierrenewyork 9
Rain in Venice
deb450sl 9