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SIM question here versus there

I apologize if this has been well covered before but I am going to Germany and Italy in the fall of this year.
I have three questions:
1) I have heard people say that it is better to buy a SIM card once you arrive but as I am going to two countries if a I buy a card in Germany will it work in Italy.
2) I am concerned about rate costs but I am not too worried if I have to spend more up front on the sim card - so what outfit would be the best?
3) Or is it better to buy a sim card before I leave from someone like Cellular Aboard (I am in Canada) before I leave

I have an unlocked Nokia Lumina phone and I am quite with it technologically so swapping the card and setting up the APN is no big deal for me - but I have heard so many viewpoints I want to get some advice eg Buy over there or buy before I go

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have you checked you local provide to see what they offer in terms of international ?

Also, depending on how much you plan on using your device, it maybe worth it to buy a sim overthere or use your provider if they can offer you a good deal.

I purchased PAYG sims in the UK and the Netherlands and both were that expensive in my opinion, but once i started to use the minutes, it would go fast. Also note that make sure you can add mintues to your sim if needed. On my UK sim i have to buy a voucher in the UK. for my Netherlands sim, i can add minutes via the web and paypal. So, you should think about your usage and that may help with you decision and to if your provider has anything to offer.

happy trails.

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Thanks for all your help - I will probably by something over there then -