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Sprint International Calling Plans

Hi, we weren't planning to take a phone to Europe but have an elderly parent who has become ill. We need to be able to make and receive emergency phone calls. We have an IPhone 6 through Sprint. Anyone use their international calling plan? We will be in Switzerland and France. Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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I recently talked to the Sprint international help line at 888-226-7212. Sprint cell service has an free international plan similar to T-Mobile. Text and data are free. Phone calls are .20 to make or receive or to check voice mail. I needed to change a few settings on my phone, but from what the rep told me, outside of slow free data, and having to enter the country code, there should be no issues with my phone. I won't be in a position to confirm it for a few more weeks, but dealing directly with the international rep should set you up correctly for travel.

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Hi Donna-
I'm here in NE OH as well, and I have Sprint. It appears that they have upgraded their international coverage. Last year I had to pay $10 or so to get texting coverage. I haven't called Sprint yet for my trip next month, but I did look into it on line and the last post is what I understand as well. I believe you might be able to get a better rate (per minute) if you buy a temporary package, but I'm not positive. It would be best to call Sprint and they will walk you through the process. I hope that everything works out with your loved one!