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Sim card that works in Germany and Switzerland

Landing and spending a few days around Munich, but most of the trip is Switzerland. Because Swiss is not an EU member, it appears many EU cards won't work in Switzerland. Anyone know of one carrier that works in both, and is it easy to find a Sim card at the Munich airport? I've read differing things on that.

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I'm surprised that your German sim won't work in Switzerland. Every sim from the UK works in all of the EU and EEA and most of the rest of Europe, and roaming free even after Brexit with my carrier (Virgin O2).

I have been under the impression that all EU sims work within the EEA, which includes Switzerland.

Which sim have you seen that doesn't?

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That is what eSim World wrote when I asked. "The coverage of the eSIM Europe plan is Eu countries + UK.
Therefore, Switzerland is not covered by our current eSIM data plans."

I would order a Vodafone sim card before leaving the states, except they have so many bad reviews. I'm not sure what to believe. I'm going to check out O2.

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My question as well is what SIM cards don't work in Switzerland? These appear to work, and you can get them before you leave the US. What's the snag?

Edited to add: esimworld appears to deal with virtual, not real SIM cards. I'd just buy one of the above and install it before landing in Europe. It's always worked for me.

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Thanks for the links. I looked at Vodafone, and the reviews were not that special so I was questioning them. Vodafone worked great in the UK though. I'll go with one of them.