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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Not happy with Garmin
kennethmonk 7
No service with Verizon pre-paid
transplanted 14
No Phone…am I the only one?
Wray 27
Non-expiring sim cards
Frank II 7
No more trips with the camera.
jasonindenver 31
Noise cancelling sleep masks?
chrismastin 11
Noise cancelling headphones?
jvobox 25
Noise cancelling convert
Nicole P 11
No GPS in Central Europe
Jessica 5
NIkon S9900 vs Nikon B700
Christy 6
New Phone suggestions
Frank II 19
New PC recommendations
Frank II 12
New GPS versus Samsung S7 Edge for driving in Europe
rjrietkerk 2
new google translate app update
Michael... 3
New Camera Suggestions
IWN 23
Newbie tech questions
erectoch3 9
Netflix and Hulu Abroad
Boba 41
Need Verizon phone that will work in Europe. Does LTE mean I don't worry about GSM vs...
GypsyRover 12
Need Tracfone cell phone/service alternative for young teen in England
Leaves of Green 8
Need Suggestions for an inexpensive/light laptop
Yolanda 25
Need Suggestion for Sim/Network option in Europe for contract iphone
pg.madhu 4
Need SIM card suggestions for Netherlands, Germany, Austria
derek 6
Need more help with a multisocket extension cord
Bets 10
Need Internet, mapping ability only using cell (not wifi) in Europe. Any help for...
Ell 8
Need help with a tech product
mjbncc1701 7
Need Backup help!
Madelia 8
Need advice on how to communicate with another car while traveling in UK
tgreen 9
need a cell phone for europe
inobk 3
NBC Sunday Morning Travel Apps
Brenda 2
navigation in eastern European countries, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
mvernon99 4
My Verizon saga
phred 3
My experience using T-Mobile when traveling through Europe
Joseph J 18
My experience using T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan in 6 European countries
Laura 19
My Chip & Pin/Signature Experience
Boltface 6
My ATM Card Information Was Compromised
Davey 10
Must haves when visiting Korea
lexinewf 4
MUST have: Real time translation app for bilingual conversations and text. OFFLINE!!...
Guss 6
multi hub for charging usb
Kathleen 23
Multi country SIM for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland
David 9
Moving videos to the Cloud and keeping them there
Lola 5
Moto G7 Power
Daniel 1
Mobil passport error message
vunicholas 21
Mobile wifi vs. local SIM card
jim05taylor 8
Mobile Wi-Fi in the UK
John 11
Mobile Wifi in Italy
mediamicki 8
Mobile wifi for Europe travel
kenlee6 15
Mobile plan for Austria and Northern Italy?
reillyfram 8
Mobile Phone in rural Scotland
losthiker68 10
Mobile phone for 5 countries
Dave 12
Mobile phone card and plan for italy.
jd 2