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Record radio on smartphone

Does anyone know a convenient way to record radio using an Android phone? I would love to listen to my favorite radio shows during long flights, car rides etc. when I am travelling. Right now I record online radio channels by PC, convert the records and send them to my phone. I would really appreciate a hint how to make that whole process a bit easier. Thanks!

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Are any of your radio shows available as Podcasts? You could download episodes to your phone and listen to them anytime.

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May not work on a plane, but I use the Tunein app on my Android phone to live stream several radio stations. It does not seem to use much data. I use it all the time using mobile data but 1GB per month of data is enough for me. (NPR streaming audio on the other hand is a data hog - it uses data much faster.)

I use Tunein when I walk and in the car. My car is too old to have a bluetooth connection on its stereo (and I don't care to upgrade the stereo I have now) so I can't pair the phone to my car radio. (My stereo actually has a cassette player(!) and there is an adapter to try to connect it that way to the phone's headphone jack, but I don't find this very reliable.) My phone isn't quite loud enough to hear in the car but I have a little bluetooth speaker I keep in the car and that is plenty loud enough.

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You're not gonna be able to record audio streams via a Smartphone. You'll have to rely on podcasts which you can download in advance. The NPR site allows you to download most of its content to MP3 files on your PC, then you can transfer to your phone... in addition to it's App.
SiriusXM satellite radio also has a streaming/on demand service which will work outside the US. The best all in-one app/site is