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Question on sim card for iphone5 in Germany. Get at Frankfurt airport or in Munich?

I have an unlocked iPhone 5 that I am hoping to get a sim card for in Germany to use, for the most part, for a GPS, but also to be able to make calls in Germany to German numbers.

We are flying into Frankfurt then going to Munich. We will be going to other parts of Germany with a possible trip into Belgium, but for the most part, we will be in Germany. This is our 4th trip there.

I need to buy the sim card and a one month plan, again, mostly for the data so I need something relatively fast and a decent mb plan.

Should I hit a store in Frankfurt airport (and get blau or some other service) or wait till I get to Munich and go to Tmobile?


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I've not purchased a sim card in Germany. However, if you're a current T-mobile Simple Choice Plan customer, you can use your phone and local calls are only $.20. I did this last year in Spain and Portugal and it was seamless. Also incoming calls from US use your US number and are free.

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{Edit} {AT&T, my carrier, reviewed this plan & said they could not beat it, nor did they believe other carriers could.} . . .
. . . Will sell you a European SIM card here in the states for $9.00

  • get your phone unlocked, take out (save) current card.
  • insert Euro Buzz card when you land in Europe

{OR buy 1 handset ready to go RTG/$29.00. 2 handsets/ $39.00

Whatever you purchase is yours to keep}


You are given
+ a USA number for ppl from home to call you on
+ a European number also
Both #'s are yours to keep {Edit: For future trips to Europe}

$9.00 for SIM card
{OR 1 handset/$29 - 2/$39}
79 cents/min for calls
79 cents per outgoing texts
no charge for incoming texts

Charges put on credit card. This has been recommended on this forum since 2010.

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I was in Munich a few weeks ago and didnt find a T mobile at the time. But i did find a Vodaphone and bought a SIM from them. I was also able to buy vouchers from a nearby gas station too.

If you plan on crossing boarders make sure you ASK them it will work. From what i was told there went any choices for cross boarder data unless you're on a contract or someplace where they can send you a big bill.

good luck and happy trails.