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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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I just posted a clothesline review on Youtube
Evan 1
Copies of travel documents - what's wrong with ...
Ray 17
How do you pack your Packing Cubes?
Gretchen 23
Travel nebulizer?
prettyunicorn64 1
Packing CPAPs
Ray 8
Best Lightweight carry on
jsdsnv 13
Packing and living with Smartwool
Ray 20
carry on weight restrictions
va2vegas 17
Let's talk Hats!
Lulu 20
Total weight
Frank II 4
Packing Creative Extras
How strict is RyanAir with Carry on?
kacikohlhepp 8
Question about Rick Steves carryon
Lulu 3
protection from magnets?
doric8 10
NY Times "clears up" baggage size
phred 8
Liquids in checked luggage
bbrafford 16
Luggage questions: Personal item size and using Rick's rolling back pack
GypsyRover 2
My. Best purchase for my trip. What was yours?
Carol now... 31
Put your contact info and itinerary INSIDE your bag too
Gretchen 28
Travelling with Refrigerated Medicine
oascec 2
Laundry detergent within TSA limit
epltd 34
Protect my cell phone, credit cards, keys while swimming or snorkeling
julie.d.rose 4
October in Italy - Venice Florence Rome Tour
karenmsmith3 19
Travel pillows
Jaye 5
Anyone figured out how to inflate Travelon plastic hangers?
Kent 12
Fast Drying Women's T
Lulu 20
How low can you go? (Or light)
Paul 5
Skorts for happy inner-thighs
Rebekah 14
Quick-drying Women's T-shirts
Donna 13
Website comparing airline carry-on dimensions
annemariefraley 7
Rick's 'Euro Flight Bag'
Toni 21
Fold-over method illustrated
avirosemail 12
How to save weight when travelling, forget the DSLR !
glennlorrainer 37
IATA clarifies its carry-on proposal
Frank II 14
I really don't want to buy a pacsafe purse..ideas for securing the one I have.
Lulu 32
Traveling Thin
bodo 23
RS Rolling Carry-on dimensions
Frank II 10
RS Convertible Carry-On and the new IATA carry-on guidelines
SteveM 14
Weight of RS 20" Rolling Carry-On?
Carolyn 10
Source for men's travel pants
Paul 14
Carry-on Air France & Rick Steves Bag
Mary 7
Have ANY of you had to get your Carry On measured at the airport?
Evan 23
Lulu 15
storing luggage
crashley_ashley 6
New store in Santa Monica
phred 8
Smaller carryon bags?
Lee 0
Does anyone have any travel tips for a first time European backpacker?
mrains22 17
This was the packing advice I needed today
advocatecare 7
Customized windbreaker liner
epltd 2
Had to share these fashion tips
phred 3