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Merino wool socks at Costco 2018

They're back! Men's in gray and blue, women's in assorted patterns. $12.99 for four pair.

Also 32° hooded raincoats on clearance at $9.97 if they have your size (women's small at my store)

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Thanks for the head's up Laura! I got one of the 32 degree puffy vests which looks very packable. Haven't used it yet because well, unnecessary in 100 degree heat, lol! Headed to Yellowstone soon and it's been 28 in the AMs so might get some use out of it for early wildlife or geyser watching.

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Thanks Lauri! I'm going to be at Costco today anyway so I will take a look. I'm assuming the raincoat you reference is the same as the one I bought in early summer for $19.99. I took it with me on my 3+ week trip to Europe in June. I never did wear it. Unfortunately at the times it rained I didn't have it with me.

Pam, I have a couple of the 32 degree packable down jackets and one packable down vest from prior years. They are lightweight and relatively warm.

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Thanks for the heads up, Laura. I bought the socks last year, first time buying socks in years, and like them a lot.
My husband's down jacket was perfect last winter. So light.

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Yay! I was just wondering yesterday when the socks would be in stock. Thank you for letting us know!

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Off to Costco to buy some socks. I got the 32 degree vest last month. Planning to take it for layering when I visit Germany and Austria this fall.