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Planning for a vacation in Switzerland

I am planning to spend my vacations in Switzerland. What kind of bag will be suitable to carry for the little things?

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for the little things carry what you normally do when you travel anywhere away from home or carry whatever you want; there is no set suitable bag to carry little things in the world of travel today; if you plan to go to a museum or some other tourist attraction place read the rules about carrying bags in for each before you go and comply

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I recently spent a few days in Switzerland and, based on that experience, I would recommend a huge bag - just to carry enough money.


Only very.

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Ah, Steve, but you forget. Switzerland has high value banknotes. CHF 100 and CHF 200 are dispensed from cash machines (ATM), and some even dispense the CHF 1000. And high value coins, most valuable coin is CHF 5. So the carrying requirements are less than some other countries with piddling small-value banknotes.

Richa, carry a small backpack ("daypack"). Backpacks are normal items for both males and females in Switzerland both in cities and in the country. It is normal to go shopping with a backpack.

Do not forget to carry a water bottle in your backpack. If you are out walking, you can fill this up at the many drinking water fountains in all towns and villages (and sometimes along paths). See photo here:,1000/images/content/3/1/9/31906703/11/topelement.jpg

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"What kind of bag will be suitable to carry for the little things?"

The same kind of bag you'd use anywhere else to carry things like water, an umbrella, guidebook, snack, etc. You don't need to buy a special bag for Switzerland.

And while Switzerland is hardly "cheap," there are certainly ways to save money. A big one is supermarkets, which charge much more reasonable prices than restaurants, and have prepared sandwiches and the like for "grab and go" eating.