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Who has the 14-page packing list we were all talking about a couple weeks ago?

I have tried searching but can't seem to put in just the right phrase to bring it back up. Whoever that was that said they had a 14-page list with contingencies for all kinds of vacays, I'd love to see a copy of your list, as I want to make sure I am not missing anything for my upcoming Europe trip! Thanks!

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An 18 page packing list! Mine is half a page, at most.

Now, admittedly, I won't ever go scuba diving in the So. Pacific (or the Mediterranean), or skiing in Europe, either, so i don't need many contingencies. I once went to Germany over New Years, and I added long underwear. I often take a bathing suit, but I have left that out when I knew there was no possibility of needing it. Other than that I pack the same for any trip. In the summer I wear a light jacket on the plane, and in the spring or fall I wear a down parka, but my "packing list" is always the same - just what I absolutely need.

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I go by the premise that if I am not going to wear or use an item at least three times on a trip, I don't need to pack it.

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18 pages!? I'm not sure I even pack 18 items. Seriously, I pack for five days, no matter how long my trip. I finally learned not to pack for "what if". You're not going into the wilderness, nor will you have to establish a homestead in some remote outpost. If you don't take a jacket and it turns out cold, buy one. If you forget your toothpaste, they probably sell the exact same brand. No one will ever know that you wore the same shirt day before yesterday, nor will you need three changes of shoes. If it turns out that you need something else, you can get it there.

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Our brains all work differently. I need to see everything on one page, I would freak out if I had to go "digging" for information. I use one sheet of lined paper, draw four columns 1)Clothing (includes shoes and jewelry) 2)Toiletries & meds 3)Electronics and 4)finances (cards to take, timeline when to get some Euros, banks to call with timelines etc). We have adult children who live at home so no need to close up the house. I leave the house clean and make sure everyone knows that I expect it that way when I come home and I make sure I have clean sheets on our bed for our return. This system has been fail proof for me and I like writing things down for each trip, keeps it fresh in my brain and I like checking things off as I complete the task.

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One page packing list, no more, ever. No matter how long the trip is as it all has to fit in same 22” bag.

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My to-pack/to-do/potential places to see and eat list is on my phone in One Note.

"To pack" and "to do before leaving" all have check boxes, and items are checked off as packed or done.
Then at the beginning of the trip the boxes are unchecked on the packing portion and items checked off as they are actually used (so I can see at the end of the trip all the stuff I could have left home without affecting the trip.)
And along the way I make notes of things that would have been useful, extra items purchased, amounts and locations of ATM withdrawals and places to see on a return visit.
Some unused items will be included in the lists for later trips -- like the sewing kit that is only used occasionally but is REALLY handy when it is needed, or backup glasses.

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We use a one page spreadsheet edited to the specific trip. Pack for seven days max even if we are gone for 30 days. Use wash and fold laundry services for certain items along the way. The rest is washed in our room.

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I don't judge people for how little or much they pack, ha! I was just interested to see what "little things" I may have forgotten when looking at someone else's comprehensive list.

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We use a one page spreadsheet edited to the specific trip. Pack for
seven days max even if we are gone for 30 days. Use wash and fold
laundry services for certain items along the way. The rest is washed
in our room.

I'm a big Excel guy too, and have day 'possibilities' with informational links on my mobile depending on how we feel or what the weather is at the time. Reservations for attractions, restaurants are kept to a minimum but are boldfaced. It's the way I keep it straight.

Longest trip we've taken was 17 nights to Paris, Lucerne, Florence, Salerno/Amalfi, all by train. Prob packed for 9-10 days (all fitting into a 22'' Samsonite spinner), did laundry first full day in Florence. Have also taken advantage of the 'lavanderia' in Rome on a subsequent trip as well--always a hoot. I never feel like it's wasted time. In Rome the laundry was in this tiny ancient building run by Nigerians, which also doubled for a few years as an Internet cafe. Those things aren't so popular now, and while waiting during the spin cycle we were able to chat up the owner and various pals that stopped by, great conversation, not hurried or time-driven, that no way we would have experienced otherwise.

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Oh I am 100% excel spreadsheet for the actual trip with all information for each day, along with my "plan B" list. But for packing I like to sit at the table, get my pen and paper out and start a brain dump. I just find as I get older my list changes as each year passes, especially with my toiletries. My packing list does not include my actual clothes (Blue Jean from Macys), just: 4 bottoms, 3 tanks, 1 skirt etc, for the actual items that is progressive.