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Paris attire for late August

I have never been to Paris and have no ideas on casual fashion attire during the summertime (late August) in Paris.
I am in Texas where today it is currently 95 degrees-feels like 104.
Can any female give suggestions on what they would wear in Paris that would be appropriate for outside and inside venues, ie churches, museums, etc.

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The churches don't seem "picky" in France. I dress modestly anyway, but I just tell people to be respectful. I've been to Paris three times in September. I mostly wear dresses/skirts and sometimes cropped pants for daytime. My skirts/dresses end a couple inches above the knee, and I don't wear sleeveless or tanks but I would imagine that they are acceptable within reason. I mostly wore sandals. It was typically sunny and high 70s to low 80s. I was never cold except on a few occasions when it rained and even then, it was warm/slightly too warm inside. My husband typically wore shorts during the day.

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I would plan for the same temps but no effective AC. IF the weather temps closer to the time look like they are cooler then add in some long pants!

Seriously, I was in Paris starting Aug 20 a couple of years ago and it was 95F during the afternoon. I'd not wear tank tops but I'd plan for cool fabric SS tops and capris. I don't wear shorts but if they are nice looking you can probably wear them with no problem. Ditto sundresses - I don't wear them but you easily could do that. As mentioned, Paris churches don't have the dress code signboards that you'll find in Italy but still you'd want to be respectful. I suspect since you are posting on the RS forum you probably aren't planning on short-shorts and mid-riff baring tops!

If it is really hot at that time, I'd plan to get going early to do any outside things you have in mind, then plan to be either in a museum or back at the hotel late afternoon until dinner. Gelato will be your friend.

I hope your hotel has AC. I know the locals say they don't need it but as someone who does not tolerate heat I do!

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Thank you.
I don't mind the heat.
I like comfort and an easy going approach. I am not looking to buy clothes for the trip, just wanted to access my wardrobe before visit.

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OP - Would you happen to be taking the Paris and the Heart of France tour starting on August 21st?

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I was in Paris in August two years ago. It was HOT! Dress for hot weather. My hotel had no A/C. I suffered, even with a fan going all night. Many women find skirts cooler than shorts or capris. Sandals are cooler than shoes with sox. It's up to you. Some buildings have a/c but it is not turned to ARCTIC temps. So, summer wear still feels comfortable indoors. I admit, I spent a generous amount of time in Starbucks because of the a/c!

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Hello Karin,
I will be on the Paris in 7 Days tour

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I think you might wear what you wear at home; just make sure that it is easily laundered. I feel that mix and match tops and skirts or nice slacks work best. Bring some scarves; forget about jewelry except for earrings. Wear a small across shoulder bag with a secure closing for your valuables. Carry a foldable shopping bag to carry other stuff you might need. A lot of people do wear jeans, but they can be hot and take too long to dry when they need washing. As for shoes: I would make sure that if you do wear sandals to make sure they have flexibles non slip soles. A lot of people do wear cute canvas shoes in the Summer. I wore sandals with cloth straps. You might take some sturdy shoes: stylish athletic shoes or leather slip-ons with thicker soles for touring or shopping. Beware of cobblestones and marble steps!

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Monoprix sells nylon shopping bags for €1.50 if you find you need an extra.

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Monoprix sells many wonderful things.

I would focus on light linen tops and pants, as well as loose dresses and skirts. Add in a light cardigan just in case. Consider skimmies or bike shorts under the dress. Go for darker linens and prints to avoid see through, as well as wearing skin tone undies.

I hate wearing scarves in summer and prefer light jewelry. I may wear a light scarf as a shawl, but nothing around my neck that time of year!

Comfortable sandals work well. They should have a good rubber sole. The cork sole inserts are pretty amazing. Think Naot or Birkenstock.

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Even if a restaurant has a/c it often is very ineffective. Front doors are left wide open for a reason.

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I took the RS Paris tour in August 2013 to have more time to return to this beautiful city. I brought three dresses and a couple of capris and wore long pants on the plane with a 3/4 sleeve blouse and a lightweight open-weave cardigan. I ended up wearing my dresses almost the entire time (washing them in the sink at night) because it was hot during the day. I added the lightweight sweater during the morning walks and left it at the hotel by noon. In the evening, I sometimes wore the long pants to dinner. My shoes were the Keen Rose style -perfect to walk all day and protect my toes from uneven pavement.

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I always go with clothes that are clean, comfortable, modest and gives dignity to the event and I also have to feel comfortable in my own skin, not putting on airs or representing myself as something I am not. I think it is important that you feel like yourself and not have clothes that are fussy or binding.

With that being said, for me I like neutral colors (white, black, beige, grey) with pops of layering colors. So lots of tanks, knit cardigans over them (thin enough that I can roll up and put in my purse if needed), capri jeans (various colors) and maxi skirts. I don't think I own any button front shirts (top heavy). I always wear a necklace, earring, makeup, toes and finger nails painted and do my hair for a put together look. I like minimalist jewelry, nothing big or flashy. BUT this is who I am at home too, so in all my pictures I look like me on vacation. So I don't get overheated I wear mostly open toed sandals (Aetrix brand), and can wear my hair in a messy bun to keep cool.