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locking valuables/medications while abroad

I am studying abroad in Copenhagen for a little over 4 months and take many prescription medications. Some of them are considered "valuable" and taken for recreational purposes by some. Since I am bringing all the medications I need for 4 months I have about 7 pill bottles, and some are on the larger size. I am looking for a bag or something that is easy to lock the medications but that will also fit all the bottles. Preferably something that can not be broken into for I also want to keep my passport and other documents in the lock bag. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to look for? I do not want a big bulky bag or box because I still need to fit it in my carry on bag (and space is limited because I only have 2 suitcases for 4 months!). Any products or leads on products is much appreciated because I am at a stand still.

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Maybe you could buy some sort of strong box at a hardware store in Copenhagen. Your Danish school where you will be studying could advise perhaps. You could leave the box behind when you return home.

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I am sure you are not the first student in the study abroad program asking for guidance about how to store valuables. Speak to the study abroad office and seek their advice. Others I'm sure have had this concern.

The first thing that came to my mind was a lock for one of your suitcases.

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On a related matter - if these medications can be used by other people recreationally you will need to declare them at Danish Customs on arrival unless the dog has found them first. It is worth checking the official Danish website for the ability to import them.

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Nigel made a valid point. Good idea to seek advice from official Danish Website. When that is set check with the study abroad office for advice in securing prescription meds/valuables while there. Just found this article online: How to make sure you travel with medication legally- The New York Times- 2018/01/19.

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What about just locking your meds in your carry on suitcase?

Other than your roommate (if you have one), how would anyone in Denmark even know that you are taking any meds? Presumably, they would be out of sight in your room.

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First of all, congrats on your study abroad!

Second, as others have said above, be sure to check with the Danish website to see if all of your meds are okay for the country or need to be declared at the time of arrival.

Third, you must have a very generous insurance policy to cover a four month supply of medication. Most companies will only cover three months at once, far less for controlled substances. If you are truly traveling with four months of recreational meds, be sure that you keep that information to yourself while you're there.

Finally, you can always try the method used by pharmacies - the double lock. Put your meds in one small container with a lock. Then bury that small locked container inside your suitcase and keep the larger bag locked when you're not there. It's not foolproof. No lock is perfect, and people may be tempted if they know what you're carrying. But with due diligence, you may be able to keep your meds safe and for your use only.

Good luck with your studies!!!

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So, what do you think, abuckler? Are any of the suggestions offered useful to you?