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Topic for the ladies

I just returned from a week's vacation and - AACK! I realized that I've gotten to the age when I need to take a magnifying mirror and a good pair of tweezers. I guess I'll make room in my suitcase.

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I have travelled with a magnifying mirror for a few years now. I need it to apply my makeup without my glasses. The tweezers are in my small manicure kit. Along with my scissors and folding nailfile.

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I have one with suction cups that I put on a mirror. This one is from Target. I think I got the first one from Amazon. Warning! They are easy to leave behind.

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I have left one behind before. I now need it to put in my contacts.
I like the ones with the suction cups. They stick to mirrors or to windows. I guess you could say that it is one of my extravagant items, though needing it for contacts kind of pushes it into medical necessity.

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And because breakage happens, I always put my magnifying mirror in its own ziplock bag to avoid, possibly, bits of broken mirror in my cosmetics bag or, even worse, distributed throughout my suitcase.

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I travel with something like this mirror after having tried several. I love that it is lighted. Tweezer, cuticle clipper, always in the travel bag.

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You could 're title this "unwanted hair growth at a certain age; grooming tools"
And we could chat w the men about ear and nose hair..... just sayin'

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I call the wayward eyebrow hairs "rooneys" after Andy from 60 Minutes.

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I always travel with my tweezers and tiny cuticle scissors (checked bag), but I consider it a big happy bonus when I get a hotel room that has one of those telescoping magnifying mirrors--even better if it's lighted! I pluck the heck out of my face, even hairs that probably aren't noticeable when my makeup is on, and heaven help any wayward greys along my hairline that try to sneak in.

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Imagine my delight on RST Loire and South of France recently, most 3-star accommodations (5 out of 6) HAD nice magnifying mirror in the WC. Impressive quality as well. I love the French attention to appearance. Included quite old (oh, yes, some parts of this repurposed manor date from the 15th century, you know, how it naturally sometimes can be in small towns) spots where bedroom dimensions and angles remain medieval but, yes!, bathrooms have been smartly updated. Such a nicety is for me among the joys of travel. At my age and optic ability. :-)

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I too travel with a magnifying mirror, tweezers and small scissors. Totally necessary.

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I use a magnifying mirror at home to put my eyeliner and because of that I always travel with one. But I was so busy this last trip that when I came home and saw all my strays I gasped! I guess I was so intent on getting that liner on and getting out the door that I never looked at my brows lol.

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I bought several small 10x magnifying mirrors at CVS and Walgreens, large enough but not too large to put in toiletry kit.

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Tweezers and nail scissors (not for nails ;D)... won't leave home without 'em. I have a tiny mirror with a folding wire handle that's regular on one side to check the back of my head (cowlick remediation :D) and 10x magnifying on the other for "facial maintenance". It has a plastic rim and is very sturdy. Been carrying for years.