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Amazing Carry-on!

I bought the Convertible Carry-on a few years ago, and have taken it everywhere without mishap. But flying out of Ben Gurion Airport after buying a lot of Palestinian olive oil, one of the bottles cracked and went all over the suitcase. It smelled delicious, but I thought I would have to throw it out. As a last resort, I put it in the tub with about 1/2 cup Spray 'n Wash and some Tide detergent. Soaked it for a few hours, rinsed it, and let it hang to dry. It looks beautiful again, and no oil. Thanks for making a terrific and sturdy carry-on. Ready for my next adventure now! PS, visit Palestine if you can--it was amazing!

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Glad the washing worked!! I had a similar (non-brand-name) soft suitcase which one of my kitties decided was a replacement litter box, and it, too, came out "smelling like a rose."

OK, probably TMI.

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Thanks. I have a tote that’s looking pretty dingy. I’ll try that.