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For fun...more packing & Sarah

I don't know how I missed this blog post last fall, but here is a wonderful list of brands/items in Sarah's bag. I don't think of myself as a brand oriented person...but the more I think about it, to some degree I am. I hate to shop so I stick to my favorites when I have to shop. So, I thought about my favorite, longstanding, brand/item for travel (not summer...I don't do summer well, although I do have the same in my summer wardrobe) and this is it:

NYDJ Bootcut because they are well made (partially made in USA even...rare), does not require 'shape wear', long, long lasting, and leaves plenty of room for my leg security belt should I decide to wear it. They also vary the weight of the fabric for the seasons, but the fabric is mostly cotton so I can wear it on the plane. Essentially, these are all the slacks I have now for casual use (except one pair of chinos).

Do you have one brand of an item that is a longstanding favorite? What is it? Just one folks...if you can.

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I am fond of the jeans made by Hudson--they're not cheap, but they are well-made and flattering so worth the cost. Variety of styles with some spandex to them, light to mid-weight denim and they fit without me having to alter them.

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Hahaha...will try to keep it to just one.

-Land's End cotton/modal blend SS Tee shirts

I first saw these mentioned by Janice at The Vivienne Files blog a number of years ago and have incorporated them in my regular wardrobe so also use them for travel. I love her capsule wardrobe suggestions so usually take 2 cardies that match 2 of the tees so I've got a couple of twin set looks. The tees sink wash well and will dry overnight.

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Sarah's list is a good starting point but we all have clothes we prefer that fit us best. So my list includes

1) Spanx leggings, these have no cotton so are comfortable in AZ heat, they hold the jiggle in and pack small:

2) Sunshirts because I had melanoma and need to cover-up. Coolest are Kerrits and, if you can find them the ultra vented, Rompf, all others are not vented enough for summer heat. With 20+ sunshirts in my closet and spending lots of time outside, I'm an expert on cool. and

Will you please tell me how you are linking things with just a key word instead of the whole URL? I am not the most computer literate person on the block. Thanks.

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SAS shoes. My feet are big - I wear an 11W. And if my shoes don't have good support, I have some minor but annoying problems with knees and back. SAS has lots of styles and lots of sizes. The workmanship is great. I started wearing them when I was teaching, on my feet on concrete floors for hours at a time. Shoes are one of the very few items to which I am brand loyal.

SAS, for those of you who aren't familiar with the brand, stands for San Antonio Shoes. Yep, they're made right here in the USA.

Edit to add: Pam, I just check on those tees, and they look like just what I want. And they're on sale! I haven't bought much from Land's End, but I've always been pleased with what I did get.

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Will you please tell me how you are linking things with just a keyword instead of the whole URL? I am not the most computer literate person on the block.

Once you have selected the little "world" icon above, paste your link into the box, hit OK, then type what you want the link to say, i.e. my favorite jeans.

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As to the OP's question (What a nice change from "Where should I go for 10 days?"):

I, too, gravitate to brands that have worked for me. Smartwool socks, ECCO or Keen shoes, NYJD jeans, Eileen Fisher for a dressier pant, Columbia for hiking pants.

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All you have to say is "Sarah" and I'm in! Not longstanding-I just got these when they were advertised in Wall Street Journal this winter at a discount-Rohan jeans-I have the ones lined in cotton for winter(also wore in Scotland at end of May), but plan to get the regular at some point. I bought them for trips because they dry quickly but wore them a lot at home this winter because they were just the right degree of warmth. It's a British company but the jeans are expensive enough that they ship for free and they do free returns so I ordered two different sizes and sent one back. And yes, Keen Rose. I'm considering their waterproof hiking shoes.

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Columbia sportswear mumbai mover womens pants. Got them at the Columbia outlet. They can be washed at night and are dry in the morning. Got them in multiple sizes in case I lose weight!

Also, New Balance walking shoes. Can get them in wide widths. These are the only pair of shoes I take on any trip. No blisters ever with these shoes!

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Jane! If we ever wind up on a tour together we'll be twins, hahaha!

I'm cheating by adding another post. I've used packing cubes for years but switched this last trip to the ones Travel Fashion Girl developed and started selling. I bought them last Jan from her website but she's now offering them on Amazon. I have NO connection to her, just a satisfied customer. Not sure if there will be an Amazon Prime deal on them tomorrow but here's a link.

And I don't get how to change a link to a word either. Do you highlight the link, then click on the globe, what? Sorry....

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JJill. Love love love JJill.
Champion Sport Bras, Birkenstocks, New Balance.

Yes, thank you Laurel! And, horsewoofie, thanks for asking.

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I don't travel in the summer anymore - too hot, too crowded. So this cooler weather wear. Pretty much everything I own is from Eddie Bauer. I didn't mean for that to happen, but I'm tall and a true 18/20. Most "women" or "plus" sizes don't really fit well. So they are just about the only place that I can readily find clothes, and I hate to shop. I especially like the Elysian slim straight slightly curvy twill jeans. They can be expensive, so I keep an eye open for a sale. They are cotton, modal and Tencel, so they look good, they don't wrinkle and they dry fairly quickly.

Their shirts are also long enough in the body, which can be a problem. No longer buy from Land's End and LL Bean, since they no longer really carry tall sizes.

These are all pretty much daily wear, so I can mix and match colors on a black, grey, and red type of color palate. My extravagance for a trip might be to buy a new scarf to add to a couple that I have. Suddenly that black pair of slacks and black shirt become 3 outfits.

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Wow, these are great items. I'm going to have to look into some of them. Thank you for all these favorites. And I, too, am a fan of LE modal and navy mostly. They are another clothing item that always travel with me and lasts a long time. However, sounds like I need to check out Eddie Bauer for tops...and Sarah's waterproof jacket.

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New Balance shoes. Got to have them or my feet are killing me by day 3 of any trip.

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I am a plus size girl and I love Columbia’s Silveridge long sleeve shirts for travel! They have a secure chest pocket with a zipper and are vented on the sides. I also like Land’s End long sleeve rash guard shirts. Both of these are easy to sink wash and dry quickly. Plus they offer me sun protection. People asked me all the time where I get these shirts! My go to shoes are Salomon’s Ellipse GTX, they are waterproof and I wear them with Smartwool socks. They also come in a non waterproof model. I take a pair of Merrell sandals or lightweight Sketchers as my back up shoe! I also pack several 36x36 inch silk scarves for color and added warmth if need be. Working cowboys call them “Wild Rags” and the silk will keep you warm and they take up no room.

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32 Degree shirts - both "cool" and "warm" styles. 2-packs at Costco. Washable, quick-dry. And Costco merino wool socks.

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