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Most interesting things to do in Munich, including off-the-beaten path suggestions?
wanderlustusa 12
Hohenschoenhausen or former Stasi HQ tour?
wanderlustusa 2
Cash (debit cards) vs credit card use in Germany?
wanderlustusa 16
Tipping in restaurants in Germany
wanderlustusa 8
DDR Museum or the Everyday Life in the DDR exhibit at the KulturBrauerei Museum
wanderlustusa 10
ICE Munich to Berlin Flexpreis vs Saver; Reserve a seat?
wanderlustusa 5
RV-ing in Europe
warbler44 2
Need help with my Southern Germany Itinerary
warenow1 4
First trip to Germany - 9 days
waycheese 8
Berlin or Munich?
wayne 10
Train--First or Second class ?
wayne 9
Cologne to Heidelberg---self drive
wayne 7
Negotiating hotel and B+B tariffs?
wayne 5
scenic towns close to Frankfurt am Main
wayne 8
Dresden by train from Munich or Frankfurt
wayne 10
Erfurt--2 night stay April 2018
wayne 4
Solo older traveller Dresden in April
wayne 10
Berlin to Lyon ---plane or train?---if train any advice on stopover?
wayne 4
Templin Germany
Wayne 2
Football tickets in Germany (Frankfurt)
wbarbi86 3
Connecting from Ireland?
wcarr1865 2
Fussen lodging with 2 bedrooms
we3bythc 3
Help with itinerary; Mosel Valley, Luxembourg, Bruges
we3bythc 4
Mosel Valley to Luxembourg, What to see in Luxembourg easily accessible from a walk...
we3bythc 5
Cycle the 3 Countries Path; Germany, France, and Luxembourg
we3bythc 1
Lodging before flight out of Munich
weatherdome 8
Favorite destination in Germany?
Webmaster 16
Long weekend ideas from Munich
Wendy 10
Is a day trip to Salzburg from Munich doable?
Wendy 4
Travel with mom and sister - France/Germany
Wendy 20
4 days in December
Wendy 19
Over night train Munich to Paris
wendycholly 3
Northern Germany
wer4ar 5
Flying out of Munich early
wer4ar 6
Train on Ferry with Rail Pass
wertheimerc 5
Two days in Stuttgart
Wesley 4
Seven nights in Berlin
Wesley 6
Our Visit to Berlin, Rhineland and Saarland Area
Westnova 24
Day trip to Potsdam
Westnova 5
Day trip to Freiburg (im Beisgau)
Westnova 7
Passion Play Oberammagau in July
wewords1 16
Need your advice on best way to Prague from Erding
whereisred? 2
Three days in Venice
whinniem 3
Visiting Zugspitze for first time, skiing questions
whitehat09 4
1 Day Itinerary Triberg/Strasbourg/Heidelberg
whitemokonamo... 4
Salzburg - Accomodataion
whiteone-west 10
Best Christmas markets in Germany (near Frankfurt) and how days for first-time visitor
whywendywrites 17
6 December - Saint Nicholas Day (Nikolaus) in Frankfurt - Any special festivals/parades?
whywendywrites 3
Train tickets: Strasbourg to Stuttgart, Stuttgart to Nuremberg, Nuremberg to Frankfurt ,
whywendywrites 8
Munich - How many day, Day trip to see the castles, and Hotels
whywendywrites 20