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Car rental experience with Sixt?

We are looking into renting a car in Germany. Has anyone had experience with Sixt? Good/bad? are there better companies to deal with. We want to pick it up in Lindau and return it to Munich.

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Sixt is as good as anybody.

My only complaint has been that they don't always seem to have the small, cheapos that I want - - they'll give me something bigger/better at the same price, but bigger doesn't suit my needs.

Use a matrix like Kayak and go with the best deal.

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Started badly, as the website was incorrect for the pickup spot ( lesson: reconfirm location). The manager at the train station upgraded us for the inconvenience and our frizzled appearance. The drop off fee from one country to another seemed reasonable, and it was easy to find the return location... unlike a different rental from another admired company, who provided no info as to location to return a car at CDG ( the Avis attendant had to tell us to park in spaces marked as belonging to another company for Europ..oops). The Sixt car was in excellent shape and drove very well. Insurance was about the same price as the car, which seems average, for where we were driving.
We took "a vacation from our vacation" in Lindau- hope you enjoy it.

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This is another recent thread. Sixt is a big outfit in Europe and slowly moving into the US, mainly Florida and the southwest. I used them once and was very happy.

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I rented from Sixt in Slovenia and Croatia on two different occasions, but not since 2011. They were fine both times, no better or worse than any other rental car company. I would suggest that if you are to return the car in a different location (as I did) that you save the phone number of that location so you can contact them if you can't find them or if you need to return the car at a different time than expected. This was the case with me, and having their local phone number helped a lot.

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We have used Sixt several times and never had a problem with them. If you do rent from them and return it at the main Munich train station - the return site is one block from the train station, not in the train station.

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I rented with them twice and no problems... but I would never search them out just to rent from them. Go to Priceline and reserve with the cheapest.... then check back occasionally if you have the time and if you find a cheaper rate make a new reservation and cancel the old one. I rent often and would never prepay as the rates can change substantially...just be sure you have a reservation that you are comfortable with, and change if need be. It does not cost anything to hold the car and you are guaranteed that price...I usually end up with Avis, Budget, Hertz or Sixt...