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Evensong in Oxford
aweingarten154 4
Windsor Castle and Stonehenge Tour?
aweingarten154 7
Transportation from Heathrow to Oxford
aweingarten154 7
Train Travel between Cities
aweingarten154 3
Shakespeare's grave and other sites
aweingarten154 15
Theatre Clothing?
aweingarten154 16
aweingarten154 8
Buying Train Tickets?
aweingarten154 11
Transportation to/from Gatwick
aweingarten154 6
Travel advice from London to Liverpool
avtarsingh88 5
Seven Sisters in Winter?
avril.tay.2012 2
Naive inquiry: What is there to do in and around Sheffield?
avirosemail 6
Boat ride from Paddington to Camden?
avirosemail 5
Plymouth - 400th anniversary of Mayflower's departure
avirosemail 13
620 years since the passing of Geoffrey Chaucer
avirosemail 14
Dancing in the streets, of Echternach - St Willibrord's feast day
avirosemail 7
Nottingham resting place of Ada Lovelace, born 205 years ago today
avirosemail 3
Bad Lucia ;-)
avirosemail 4
Happy 388th Birthday to Samuel Pepys
avirosemail 6
Queen Elizabeth I excommunicated 450 years ago today
avirosemail 0
465th Anniversary of burning of Archbishop of Canterbury for treason and heresy
avirosemail 8
250th Anniversary of William Wordsworth landing on England's greens
avirosemail 2
Cheapside, Ben Jonson, and lost London (that never was)
avirosemail 2
From Leicestershire to Connecticut: Thomas Hooker's 435th Birthday
avirosemail 0
Anniversary of the adoption of the surname 'Windsor', from the Castle.
avirosemail 13
Anniversary of Tyburn Tree gallows last public execution in London (1783)
avirosemail 2
Happy 250th Birthday to Dorothy Wordsworth, William's sister
avirosemail 3
Happy 140th Birthday to Virginia Woolf
avirosemail 1
Happy 190th Birthday to Lewis Carroll! Oxford spots to visit?
avirosemail 0
Happy 285th Birthday to Thomas Paine, tax resistor
avirosemail 2
Happy 210th Birthday to Charles Dickens
avirosemail 3
Best Ben Franklin spots in and around London?
avirosemail 5
Happy 450th Birthday to Ben Jonson, big eater and drinker
avirosemail 3
18 July marks the anniversary of the Edict of Expulsion of 1290
avirosemail 5
Happy 600th Anniversary to King Henry VI
avirosemail 2
Happy 265th Birthday to William Blake, England's greenest poet
avirosemail 0
Happy 445th Anniversary of Drake's voyage 'round the world
avirosemail 3
957th Anniversary of Westminster Abbey's consecration
avirosemail 14
Happy 380th Birthday to Isaac Newton
avirosemail 2
Lord Byron is *not* buried in Westminster Abbey, but in Nottinghamshire
avirosemail 1
historic hotel in Knightsbridge called Hans Crescent Hotel
avirosemail 4
410th Anniversary of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Fire
avirosemail 12
Itinerary for 3 weeks, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and points between
avalon451 10
usb car jacks?
avalon451 8
London hotel information
avalon 14
England coach passes
avacuppa 4
Bath & Brighton - Day trips from London, or stay overnight?
avab80 18
Day Return train tickets?
avab80 7
Bus from Windsor to Heathrow?
avab80 2
London with Kids - Itinerary Feedback/Suggestions
avab80 15