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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Bank accounts for non resident aliens in Spain
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No Fee Debit Cards
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Hotel Reservations
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ATMs in Greece, should I get Euros before our trip or at the airport etc.
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Muti-currency Debit Cards in US?
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5 Techniques to Kill Travel Expenses in Italy
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Contactless Card Payment Limits
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How are YOU saving for a trip?
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trip insurance
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Pounds to dollars
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Hotel quoted in $, will that change with drop in €?
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Currency Exchange after Brexit
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Cruise to different countries
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thinner socks
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Another Spain question for daughter
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Need to send a package to Spain
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Eating Cheap Barcelona - w/a kitchenette
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Airfare for One Versus for Three
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All other expenses for My Way Alpine Tour
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VAT tax in Ireland
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exchanging dollars to euros
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Help with VAT refund
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Reminders - Old & New
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So, uh.... just how expensive is Switzerland? Any general advice or tips?
Coltrane 20
Purchasing museum tickets online
comurphy6 6
Minor hack, try this for cologne/perfume
corpkid 17
Insurance through airline
cprice 8
Lesson learned: bring cash
cynthiabkemp 35
Least expensive place to fly into and start European backpacking trip?
damiant07 19
Using Canadian debit card for point-of-sale purchases
Dani 10
How we save money while enjoying Traveling
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The latest info on credit card pins and ATM cards
David 6
Alternative to bank wire transfer - TransferWise?
David 13
Transferwise - fees going up
David 2
New payment option - installments
David 11
Can I Purchase Secondary Travel Medical Insurance Only without a Primary Policy
dean.allmark 10
No chip and signature cc
deb92260 11
AAA offered pre-paid Visa to replace the old fashioned Traveler's Checks
Debbie 20
Best Recognized Credit Card for use in Scandinavia
Debbie 11
Debbie 6
debim 14
Two tickets to Thyssen Museum in Madrid
Debra 1
Traveling solo
Demetrius 19
AMEX chip and pin or chip and signature
denniskevingi... 6
Pre-purchase or day-of train/bus tix?
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Canadian Debit Cards
Diane 15
Feedback on your sites, DVDs, and TV programs.
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Temporary Mobile Phone Chips in France and Switzerland
dmbcycles 7
Credit card expiration date
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