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Does anyone have information on purchasing yearly travel insurance instead of purchasing per trip?
Edit: we are 71 and 72 with bad knees. I would never use Allianz.

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I’ve used GeoBlue’s annual international travel medical insurance for about five years. I’ve never had to file a claim. Look carefully for its annual policy because they also offer per trip policies. Friends have recommended MedJet as an annual option but I’ve not researched them.

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I’ve purchased GeoBlue annual policy but never had to file a claim. Note I believe they have an option to cover preexisting illnesses.

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Several of us use MedJet for its evacuation coverage because we don't want to have to mortgage our homes (or worse) if we have a medical problem (perhaps as the result of an accident) that will require a lot of follow-up care and want to go through rehab/recovery in the US. I don't even know whether MedJet has regular medical policies.

I only once had to file a claim for overseas medical expenses with Blue Cross/Blue Shield (which has a corporate relationship with GeoBlue). It was easy to do; I just submitted the invoices I had (which were in Slovenian). BC/BS was also relatively easy to work with on domestic claims.

Do keep in mind that insurance companies are not charities; they are in business to make money. They will not take pity on you and pay a claim not justified by the language in the policy.