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Bank accounts for non resident aliens in Spain

My wife and i (both americans) are traveling to Spain to spend 2 months in Madrid and 1 month in Barcelona.We are not going to work, just an extended vacation.Is there a bank that will open a regular checking account to us? If so, what documents are normally required? Thanks

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Not the question you asked, but are you aware of the Schengen Area 90 days in 180 rule?
"2 months in Madrid and 1 month in Barcelona" = 92 days, which exceeds you 90 day tourist allowance (assuming you are US citizens). So unless you cut a few days off you would need a visa.

To open a bank account you would normally need legally valid ID (legally valid by Spanish law, for a foreigner that would be a passport) and proof of address. But, if you are a tourist and only staying for < 90 days, they might not be interested.
Why do you want a bank account? For this period you can carry on using your own home account, and get money out of a cash machine using your home bank card.

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Years ago when our son studied in Madrid for six months we tried for an account. He could not because he was a student and non-resident. Why would you need a bank account for 90 days or less? Given internet banking and ATMs it is easier to get by without a local bank account than it was 25 years ago.

Remember 90 days is not three month unless you are going in January. It was reported here earlier that a young lady thought it meant three months. The one day error cost her 500 Euro, missed plane, and a new plane ticket. So count carefully.

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European banks rarely open accounts for USA citizens these days because of your ridiculous FATCA Act and the reporting requirements it imposes. Although I can't see why you would need one.