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VAT tax in Ireland

We returned from a wonderful RS tour and trip to Ireland on October 10, 2019.
I saved my receipts from purchases that I made in Ireland, but did not have time
to fill out the information at Dublin airport. As I made purchases, I paid the VAT tax
for the items. Today I noticed that my credit card was charged $24 for an Ireland
tax reversal on November 11, 2019. However, I did not make any purchase or charge
anything from Ireland since our return. I did contact my credit company and they requested
that I fill out form to dispute the charge. Has this happened to anyone else returning from
Ireland? Please advise.

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I wasn't aware of what a tax reversal was, so of course I googled. Here is the answer I found: A charge from means you have recently shopped Tax Free in the Republic of Ireland but failed to have your tax refund validated at your point of exit from the EU. In order to comply with Irish VAT legislation, this VAT has now been applied to your purchases. Do you recall shopping in a tax free shop somewhere?

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Thank you for replying! Yes I did purchase about $50 of items at the Dublin airport Tax Free Shop.
I was charged $24 tax - so it was NOT a tax free shop in reality. Plus it took a month before the
charge was posted on my charge. This is not a good way to make tourists happy. But I did love

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This is not a good way to make tourists happy

True enough. But it was you who didn't follow the procedures, right? If you had stopped to complete the process "but did not have time to fill out the information at Dublin airport" you would still have your money and would be happier.

Would you suggest that they just ignore the paperwork to make tourists happier?

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In the first post you mention purchases made in Ireland, not at the airport. Were there two categories of purchases, some made throughout your trip and some made at the airport, after security?