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Purchasing museum tickets online

I am purchasing tickets for museums in spain before I go. I have been prompted to choose between paying in US dollars or Euros? What is the best choice?

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look at the price of each and see if with the exchange rate it is any different. Its probably no different.

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You can use an online converter to get the Euro to USD exchange rate, but remember that your credit card uses its own rate which may be about 1.5% higher. I am Canadian so I was dinged on the exchange whether i used Euros or USD.

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Regardless of whether it is in Euro or Dollars (assuming they are using an European payment processor) you credit card will treated it as a foreign transaction that may or may not incur additional fees depending on the policies of the credit card issuer. Personally I would chose Euro since my credit card company does not add an additional fees.

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Euros. Nothing else. They are probably promoting Dynamic Currency Conversion that will cost you more. Neither will have any effect on your credit card company delaying the transaction because it is overseas to them, and they fear fraud.

Edit: acraven, my CURRENCY reply was WRONG and has been edited; I should not have replied hastily from a mobile. Here is our host, Rick's advice page that discusses dynamic currency conversion, which advice I gave was correct:

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I'm not sure what Tim means. Do not choose dollars.

I hope you're using the official websites of the museums, not a ticket broker that adds a surcharge.

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Well now it is clear as mud! I did use official museum sites to purchase tickets. I did go with dollars.