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Will I get %10 back payment from UK hotels?

I read that some people get 10% back payments from accommodation of their trip in UK. They share only link but nobody tell how to get back payment from

Could you please tell us how to do that by using photos? Have you ever get back payment via this links?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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631 posts is based in the Netherlands and the link you provided said the discount was available worldwide. How that promotion works isn't clear. They have many, many different promotions which usually require the hotel to join a scheme, and you may have to be a frequent booker as well. The easiest way to get a discount in UK is to check availablity on, decide hotel and then find their phone number from Google and book direct!!! Most will give you the booking fee that they would have paid

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There's no such thing as a "back payment". If you're a frequent user of, you simply get your bookings discounted by 10%. The "genius program" is basically a rewards program. I use it all the time and it does work (but it only works if you're a frequent booker). See explanation below:
"Booking Genius is a rewards program we offer to our most frequent bookers. These customers get 10% off our best available rates offered by properties who are taking part in the program."

If they have some other reward program like referrals, etc, why don't you just get in touch with them and clarify how it works if you're not sure?

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I don't click through links so I can't help in this specific, I don't know what you mean about using photos.

But as a long time user of booking dot com I know that usually there is no refund, but there may be a lower price that you pay. I also know that the old saying, there is no free lunch, usually applies.

It has been my experience that sometimes when either booking dot com or hotels dot com offer fantastic percentage discounts it is on a higher than normal rate or on a room type that I'd rather not have.

It is worth reading very carefully. Make sure that if breakfast is usually included for a particular location that the super rate includes it too, for example.

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I get the Genius Discount applied to the reservation price for any hotel that participates in this program (not all due). This takes place when you make the reservation, it is not a back payment, and it depends on whether the hotel participates.

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But for the well being and continued existence of the little mom and pop hotels around the world - it would be much better if you would just book directly with the property. If you mention to them at the time of booking that you've found a legitimate better price on a travel website you'll likely be offered that price directly with the property.

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21349 posts has a similar program. You get a 10% rebate/credit on your total booking after you book ten nights. So if you average $200/night for ten nights, you have a $200 credit that can be applied to any future booking equal to or greater than $200. Actually a pretty good deal. There is no cash refund - only a future credit. Often find the hotel directly will not match the price.

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Call directly and say what you found will sometimes get a better price, an upgrade or a free meal......Do not use when booking a mom and pop place......they have to give 15% to and then they have to raise rates across the board.......